Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Grenades
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Grenades Angel Nade

This is a damn fine nade which will send your opponents to high heavens with a swing of her wing. Well not exactly,you still need to pull t...


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Grenades Devil's Nade

Here's another good nade with in it the flames of hell. Off course with the Devil's mark of approval which is garanteed flamability.


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Grenades Grimms Smoke

This is yet another skin by Grimm. This is a camo skin for the M15.


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Grenades Burberry Nad

Ok someone asked for a buberry nad so i made this for them, So you can look as good on the battle field as you do on the highstreet Oh...


Grenades Sexy Grenade

Very Cool :D icture of a hot chick looks good on a nade (lol):D


Grenades No Smoking Logo M15 Skin

A nice change to the normal skin this replaces the look of the M15 smoke grenade.


Grenades Power Unlimited M15 Grenade

This changes the M15 smoke grenade skin. This is what the author had to say: This changes the M15 smoke grenade skin. The people fr...


Grenades Jenna Smoke M15

** WARNING OVER 18 ONLY ** This replaces the M15 Smoke Grenade Skin, with a nice pic of Jenna Jamerson nice and tactfully done :)


Grenades Tin Cans

This skin pack changes the look of your Fire and frag nades,nicely made skins from [email protected], go give them a try and see what you think:)


Grenades BIOHAZARD Grenades

This is a nice pair of grenades, a frag nade skin and an incendiary skin. Both have nice detail on them and look quite cool! Also both have...


Grenades Flag's Nade Pack

Here is wonderful nade pack from Flag. Enjoy!


Grenades Garbage Animals Nades Pack

This is yet another Garbage Animal skin from SlotH. As you can see from the pictures these skins look really kewl. I really like the milk...


Grenades Slipknot Toon Nades

This are caricatures of Slipknot. This caricatures are on the M15 and AN - M14 Nades. Download and enjoy now! :)


Grenades Mummy Grenades

Here is 3 different skins for grenades, try them out and see what you think. :)


Grenades WTN Grenade Skin

This is a Dark red and grey skin for the frag grenade created by Yatzy for the WTN Clan


Grenades SkuLL Grenade

This file change the look of your smoh92 nade adding some skull and crossbones the whole way round. Once exploded the grenade leaves a giant...


Grenades Super27 m15 m84 nades

2 new skins from Super27 1 for the m15 and 1 for the m84. Download and give the developer some feedback.