Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Huds
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Huds Win Hud

Change your SoF2 hud into a windows style box.


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Huds Glass Hud

Fragger first glass hud. Looks good despite the bad pic :)


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Huds Glass Hud (2nd one)

Fraggers second glass hud. Very nicely done :beer:


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Huds Glass Hud (Final)

Fraggers Final Glass Hud for the game. Very nicely done. I cant play without it :beer:


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Huds HUD Replacement System

A system for chaning the way the hud look to 5 different colours :D


Huds Hell Hud

This changes the look of your hud,ammo bar, health bar,and radar into a hellish looking skin.


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Huds Brit and American Pak

This is Great.. New Icons to replace those old boring ones. This Hud Mod changes the old team icons and flags for British and American flag...


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Huds FLaMe HuD

This is a new Hud for SoF2 that makes it look like its flaming. This his first Hud and im sure it's not his last, good job on this. If u d...


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Huds Flame-S Hud

I thought maybe i could make somthing like this,so i tried it,heh and it worked I made the hud with the help of {KMA}DeathToRights*


Huds HuDDy CroW<<|NL|>>

This mod changes the look of your hud,radar and health bar..umm its pink :) this is his first hud it's more for fun he made it just for fun...


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Huds Camo Hud

This will turn your hud into a camo'd one. ADMIN NOTE: I was unable to dl the screenshot from the link provided by the author, I will...


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Huds Camo-X

A cool hud, made by Flame, made up by me LOL ! the first project of the Flame Inc. Crew a red camo hud, for your pleasure ;)


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Huds DKclan Hud

This is a HUD made for the DiamondKi||az clan by {KMA}Flame-O-MaTiC.It´ll make your ammo box, armor and health gauge have a nice & slick dia...


Huds Chrome Hud

Changes the look of the default Hud, nicely done give it a try if your bored with the default one :p


Huds Shop Hud

This Mod changes the look of your hud, very nicely done, give your hud the electronic look :)


Huds Blue Hud

This mod changes the look of your MP heads-up-display to a nice blue color,nicely made skin, go give it a look a good item for your growing...


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Huds Z3rO/G!MM HUD

This is a very nice looking hud. Very well made and very impressive. Good work Z3rO and G!MM :)


Huds Sam Hud

Bored with your old style Hud then give this a whirl well its different !!! :p


Huds Burnt Hud

This is nice simple Hud if you want a change from the norm give it a test :)


Huds Splat Hud

This changes the look of the default hud, well its definately different Give it a try..Just for fun


Huds [ESF] Hud

This changes the look of you Hud -=Lone=-had this to say This is a hud a lot of people have asked me to send them and i have f...


Huds Silver HUD

This Mod changes the way your default Heads up Display looks in a MP game, nicely made go give it a try:) This makes the HUD very co...


Huds Alternate HUD flags

These are some alternate flags made for ur HUD, just in case you're bored of them original 1s.


Huds Flame HuD

This nicely done mod changes the look of your Hud, its now got flame effects on it :)