Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Huds Psychedelic HUD

If you were a hippy, would like to be a hipp or just want a funny HUD then this will do the trick. It is so groovy :P Give it a try see what...


Huds (OS)UnderTow's Hud

A very nice Mod For SOF2. The quality is amazing. This Mod has scored 10 in my books. I would recommend you Download it. IF you look at the...


Huds Fuz2y Hud

This mod changes the look of your in game heads up display (hud), nice change to the default one ;)


Huds -=Garbage Animals=- HUD

Here is a nice garbage animal style hud. The radar, lagometer and weapons hud look so kewl. Give it a try see what you think :)


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Huds Jackass Hud

Here is a nice hud for all you jackass fans. It has a jackass logo on it. Give it a try see what you think :)


Huds Graffiti Hud

If you like graffiti then you will just love this hud. This hud features HUD background is a Train w/graffiti, as is pop-out/healthba...


Huds Outkast hud camo

Changes the look of your ammo display, alternate fire pop out, radar, lagometer, and healthframe.


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Huds E.Z.C Hud

This skin changes the look of your Hud, nicely done another one for your growing collection:) ** This Hud has the E.Z.C clan logo on it *...


Huds E.Z.C Hud Final (Fixed)

This skin changes the look of your Hud, nicely done another one for your growing collection, this also has the E.Z.C logo on it, and its dif...


Huds Scorpion Silver Hud

This mod changes the way you Heads up Display looks, it also changes the radar health bar and the team icons, nicely made give it a try look...


Huds Toxic HuD & Matrix Console

This is a pretty sweet but simple hud i put together a few months ago. I decided to upload it when I noticed someone asking for it cuz of it...


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Huds Shox HuD

This a real cool, controversial HuD. Try it ;)


Huds Bio Hud

This is a cool hud with a bio-hazard theme. ;)


Huds Deep Freeze

Made by (OS) UnderTow, finally a guy that realises that if you leave out the clantag, you get more downloads ;) :mepimp: I like this one...


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Huds God's Messiah HUD

This is a nice profesionaly made hud. Has a nice theme to it. I like the console picture a lot too :)


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Huds Gr!mm's Crypt HuD

This is a HuD i made to test some effects on Photoshop & i guess it turned out rather nicely, so i decide to share it for some thoughts ;)...


Huds Grimm's Glass 'n Smoke

This is a glass hud i made by request ; someone asked me to do a HuD with red & black so i made it glass & put some white smoke on. It looks...


Huds Death HuD

Another cool one by Medic. This time a rather amusing one & its very easy to read the ammo counter, so let's all get it ;)


Huds Candian Stlye Hud

This mod changes the look of your Heads up Display, health bar, radar, etc, nicely done in the Canadian flag:) Go give it a test, thats i...


Huds Lightning Chrome Skull Hud

Here is a very nice hud. It gives you a skull on your radar and different flags pictures depending on if you flag is in enermy hands, its be...


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Huds Peanuts Hud & Console

Here we have a console and a HUD all in one package. This is quite different from your normal run-of-the-mill HUD. You have a wacky differen...


Huds BendR Hud

This skin changes the look of your standard default Heads up Display HUD, nicely done, go give it a test..


Huds Wired

This is another great skin from Fragger. This gives you a new hud and it makes it look like you hud is all wired up. Nice Work :)


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Huds MM Clan Hud/Flag mod

This mod changes the look of the Hud,flags and player icons to the theme of the MM Clan . Nicely made pack:) ** This pack...