Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Hell On Earth Skin for the ANM14 Sn!per Boy 79KB 167
Anm14 War 220KB 199
GameServers ANM14 skin ThunderFalcon 32KB 82
{KMA}Flame-O-MaTiC's Anim nade {KMA}Flame-O-MaTiC* 76KB 185
NuKe FLaMe {KMA}Flame-O-MaTiC* 99KB 986
Grimm's >|TOASTED|< Gr!mmRe@per 572KB 193
Coca Cola Grenade Blasto 116KB 4,332
|\|@P@L|V| |\|@D3 Gr!mmRe@per 136KB 393
Blue ANM14 Skin Accadacca 150KB 3,207
Reassuringly Exspensive Nade Soldier_of_fart_tunes 157KB 232
Addict Anm14 Guest 318KB 137
CMC AN-M14 flame grenade (OS)Soprano 61KB 140
Canuck ANM14 _=[Paladin]=_Canuck 63KB 147
Dynomite Anm14 Merk 35KB 122
Raid Nade Advanced N4sTy 76KB 247
Anm14 Skin Flag 104KB 187
Skull Flame Nade The Assasin 228KB 386
WonderGod's Herbal Flames WonderGod 37KB 690
Black ANM-14 SSGT_SPYDER 888KB 341
Amy Weber Untouchable 122KB 283
Agent ANM14 :I*D* -=*MeDiC*=- [UK] 156KB 97
Codered Untouchable 110KB 136
Canadian Fire Bounty 81KB 144
Tox Nade =CSF=INSOMNIAC 57KB 100
Toxin Grenade The Soldier 86KB 539
FLame Grenade The Soldier 81KB 182
Red Dragon Fire Nade -=]V[=-Merlin 39KB 820
Fire In A Bottle Gimpy 6KB 264
Baby Nade -=Zer0 c001=- 373KB 129
Fire In A Bottle Gimpy 31KB 142
Danger Flames Untouchable 62KB 364
Sponge Bob Square Pants Untouchable 432KB 356
Fire in a Bottle Gimpy 295KB 292
Fire in a bottle BaZil 37KB 303
German ANM14 Incedniary Grenade SuperFly 190KB 397
Snake Foxs Firenade <=III=> Snake_Fox 73KB 79
Ryoko Anm14 FOGGrindPunk 114KB 59
The Terminader FOGGrindPunk 148KB 113
Jerry Garcia Nade [bob] 451KB 77
Playboy Nade Kastanje 31KB 725
Pam Nade Kastanje 50KB 203
Red Chrome ANM14 eXodu$ 264KB 104
Cypress Flame Nade RTW*Dopey 76KB 178
uKc Anm14 uKc | K@rcher 42KB 66
Soiled Chrome Anm14 *-=SPC=-*_Funbox_ 128KB 145
Eagle Anm14 BL4CK D34TH 27KB 89
Flame Nade CYCLONE 76KB 145
Dice Dew Anm14 DiCE_Dew 71KB 109
Big Red Gum Nade Guest 34KB 94
Blue Gasmask DaRk_WoLvErInE 35KB 208
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