Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Incendiary
Incendiary Goats Beer nade

This changes the fire nade (ANM14) to a beer can skin.


Incendiary Cicero's Chrome ANM14

This is a nice new skin for your fire nade, go take a look :)


Incendiary Cicero Chrome ANM14

This skin changes the look of your Fire nade, it now has a Chrome look, go check it out ;)


Incendiary Purple Fire Nade

A Purple (not pink) Fire Nade For SOF2


Incendiary RBX14 Prototype Thermite Grenade

Here's a nice new skin for the Incendiary grenade. Go check out the screenshots to see the new looks! ;)


No Screenshot
Incendiary Spotty Nade Gold Handle

A nice skin for the flame nade :) Go grab this one!


Incendiary ESF Replay's Dr. Pepper ANM

This time it is not an Coca Cola ANM but a Dr. Pepper ANM :) For those who don't like unrealistic skins, this is not something for you. But...


Incendiary ANM14 Pepsi Skin

A ANM14 Grenade that looks like a can of Pepsi® Inspired by |CrazyTurk's| Red Bull M15


Incendiary Riffs Ultimate Fire Nade

Here's a very nice skin/mod for your Incendiary nade ;) It changes both the skin of the grenade aswell as the fire. It has been a long time...


Incendiary Chrome And Gold Anm14

Another set of shiny skins for your Anm14 grenades, Give them a go :)