Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Knife
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Knife Wooden Blade

New wooden skin for the knife, created by Flame-O-MaTiC*


Knife The Gold Knife!

A nice skin from The CroW. If you are bored with the silver one why not go for gold ??


Knife Snakes Skin Urbanknife (Red urban -C4- Clan)

This skin changes the look of the knife to a red handle with a black rubber grip a grey blade with the -C4- Clan logo on it. Nice skin g...


Knife Shadow Of The Sun Knife

The Etheral Blade of the Ages --- The Shadow of the Sun Knife!! Pierce through your enemys soul after you take out his heart of co...


Knife BonesCollector

Nice looking knife made by BonesCllector. If you were planning a deer hunt, rabbit hunt, fox hunt or any other huntingsport, this knife will...


Knife Gold/red Knife

This changes the knife skin to a gold blade and dark red handle Nice skin give it a go !


Knife Gold Blood Knife

This is a nice gold skin with blood stain, atleast when you are stabbed it will be with the most expensive knife around :) The blade has...


Knife Ultimate Knife

This is a really cool knife. i am using it myself now. Its a chrome handle with a gold lemmet ;)


Knife Ultimate Knife V2.0

This is the same as before, only better graphics; more brightness, better textures & even more shiny ! If you didn't get the 1st one, ya be...


Knife Black Chrome Blade

A black, chrome skin for the Knife made by -)SaM(- HoLLoW_PoiNt ;)


Knife Heckler & Koch 'No Compromise' Knife

This changes the look of the default knife, a nice skin dedicated to "H&K the world's best weapons manufacturer", well according to the aut...


Knife OutKast Knives

This skin changes the look of the default knife, nicely done with the OS clan logo on the blade and handle, you can use these with the OS te...


Knife Camo Knife

Yet Another nice addition to the Camoflauge Weapons. Keep up the good work! :)


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Knife Paladin Blades

This is a very nice knife skin from Paladin. Gives the knife a nice clean shine effect, which looks very realistic. Enjoy! :)


Knife Saber Knives

This is a nice skin. this is what the author has to say: This Replaces the skin of the knife, And changes the knife sounds to that o...


Knife Glowing Knife

Here's an experimental skin from the legendary Fragger! A knife that flashes a bolt of electricity on the blade;) Go give it a try and see w...


Knife Shiny Blade

This skin changes the look of the MP default knife, nice skin go give it a try and see what you think:)


Knife Bloody Knife Skin

This is another skin from TheSoldier, this time he has changed the look of the :p


Knife The Husky Knife

This skin changes the look of the default Knife skin, nicely done by == Soldier. ;)


Knife Steel Knife

This skin changes the look of the default knife skin, another contribution from == Soldier, a nice skin go see for yourself ;)


Knife Gold-Blood Knife

, nicely done too, go download it and see for yourself :)


Knife Matrix Knife

A real cool matrix knife skin to join your collection of the other matrix skins :rock: for all you matrix fans it's a must have!


Knife Blue MIR

The knife has had a new blade here, from RaR, go give it a try and see what you think :)


Knife Creeper's Diamond-Blade Rippa Pack

The knifes that everyone should own. A diamond-encrusted blade :eek:, with a selection of metallic handles for you to choose from de...