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Loading Screens Heat Loading screen

Bored with the same old loading screen for SoF2, try this one :)


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Loading Screens Kirsten Dunst Loading Screen

Another nice looking loading screen by Fragger :D


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Loading Screens Reservoir Dogs Loading Screen

Thats rite, more loading screens for you to choose from :)


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Loading Screens Alyson Hannigan Loading Screen

A loading screen for SoF 2 just to keep you entertained :P


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Loading Screens Loading Screen Multipack

A nice collection of images to choose for the loading screen brought to you by Fragger. Get bored of one, just swap for another. Couldnt be...


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Loading Screens Babes

Bored with the loading screen and the console ? want something a little ....ermexciting to look at of course you do :rock:


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Loading Screens Kirsten Menu Screen

Kirsten dunst menu screen


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Loading Screens Christina ricci loading screen

Christina ricci loading screen, just makes ya wanna play more and more :P


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Loading Screens Terminator Loading Screen

cool terminator menu, very neat


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Loading Screens Kingpin

Kingpin loading screen and console background :D You wont see me complaining. That was a good game. If you want to pay tribute, or just like...


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Loading Screens Console and Loading Screen Background Pack



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Loading Screens DKS New Loading Screen

A DKS Loading screen for the clan members or clan wannabe's :D


Loading Screens Console War

Here has given you a backscreen for the console, its green with W.A.R and his logo...:p


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Loading Screens Gfx Logo

A new loading screen here from, another in his collection, thisscreen has a new orange and red logo for loading screen, with "no mo...


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Loading Screens Loading and Console Pack

This pack contains loading screens and console backgrounds with the following images: -Bratt -Britney -Hentai Toybox -Jennifer Lopez...


Loading Screens Chris Eye's Loading Screen

This is another cool loading screen creation by Chris Eye


No Screenshot
Loading Screens Matrix Loading Screen

This pk3 has a new loading screen and new loading level screens, it has a new console, and a new ingame console, also has new music for t...


Loading Screens -)SaM(- Load and Menue screen

This is an alternative to the default load and menue screens its -)SaM(-second project, he designed it for his clan. ;)


No Screenshot
Loading Screens Fuz2y Gold Layout

This Changes the look of the Sof2 loading screen, nicely done Gold Edition screen :) and a couple of nice supprises when you have the game b...


Loading Screens Garbage Animals Clan Menu

This pack replaces the loading Screen, console and menu for Soldier of Fortune 2 MP. It also features, join menu, requestor screen, new curs...


Loading Screens Gore Loading Screen

This changes the loading screen into a bloody one. Reminds you its not Pong u just started.:)


Loading Screens Ark's "Real Soldiers" Loading Screens 1

Are you bored of the old SOF2 loading screen? Here is a pack of 4 new loading screens for SOF2, containing hi-quality photographs of soldi...


Loading Screens Ark's "Real Soldiers" Loading Screens 2

Here are some very nice Loading Screens for SOF2, it changes that way the game loads up when you are connecting to a server and such....Some...


No Screenshot
Loading Screens The Popes Loading screen

Here is a very simple Loading Screen for the Popes Clan, Im sure they thought that some of you guys might want to try it out!