Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix M3A1
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M3A1 n4sty's M3A1Skin

A very nice skin for the M3A1Weapon, The graphic detail makes it look like a real weapon. This skin is for the SOF2 Multi-player game only a...


M3A1 Silver GreaseGun

A nice skin .. it changes the look of the M3A1 so if you fancy a nice change give this a test..


M3A1 Chrome Greasegun

This is my latest Chrome Edition skin. It is chrome ***DUH...*** with some cool flames running over it ;)


M3A1 MeDiC's M3A1 Greasegun

This is another nice one this gun has a shiny look, oily, old,... really blends in with lots of metal.


M3A1 Grease Gun

This skin changes the look of the default M3a1 weapon skin, this is what the author had to say: This turns the m3a1 into a true grea...


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M3A1 M302 'Greasegun' Prototype Skin

This is a new skin for the M3A1. This is a cool looking "Prototype" for the M3A1 that gives a silver look. Check out the screeny.


M3A1 M3A1 Skin

Here its the turn of the M3A1 to get a re-skin, this addition has been made by {SoiledPants}*Funbox*, go give it a test run see what you thi...


M3A1 M3A1Camo Fade

This is a pretty nice camo theme for the M3A1 by hash_factory


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M3A1 M3A1 Winter Camo

This is a pretty cool scratched white winter camouflage for the M3A1


M3A1 Snipers M3A1

Here's a new skin for you M3A1 fans out there. Made by King Kobra,it features a slightly Darker, better looking handle and a see through c...


M3A1 Dark Red M3A1

My first skin. A nice dark red M3A1 skin. I made this file because there aren't many M3A1 skins. So i thought i make one myself, lo...


M3A1 Soiled Chrome M3a1

Here we have a solid chrome m3a1 download it and see what you think


M3A1 [email protected]'s M3A1

This skin changes the look of your default M3A1 (Grease Gun) Another make over from -PuRplE [email protected] Go give it a test and see what you think...