Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix M4
M4 White Lion M4

[[email protected] ;)


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M4 Grimm Camo M4

This is a WICKED camo m4, so ya better download it BATTY BOY !!! mmuuwwhaaahahahaaa This file will replace the M4 with The "GrimmM4".


M4 Camo Bubble M4

This is a nice m4 skin with a good effect. As the title states it camo :D


M4 Red Dragon M4

This skin replaces the look of the multiplayer M4 to red, and the M203 too a darker black, bored of the default skins? then give this a test...


M4 CaMo M4

Changes the look of your M4 to a green commo look nice skin give it a test :)


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M4 Star Wars BlasterRifle

This is a really cool M4 skin. its' colors are the same as the Blasters from star wars and the sound is the same as in the movies ;)


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M4 Gr!mm's MATRIX |V|4

A cool new M4 by me. It has green and black stripes. I put a lttle more effort into it and i hope y'all like it ;)


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M4 KV Black Hawk M4

An M4 skin based on the movie "BlackHawk Down". Features include: -Darker barrel and clip -tape on the clip -finer details -KV Blac...


M4 Nitro M4

This is a cool M4 skin to match Remo's last handgun. It is really realalistic and looks quite good, so test it ;)


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M4 Red Fusion M4

Here is the M4 of the Red Fusion series. Enjoy it!


M4 Bloodcamo M4

If u like some blood on your M4, this is what you been looking for. Made by SaM.


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M4 Twin M4

Replaces the multiplayer M4 with a yellow and green M4 or a copper M4.


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M4 Chrome |V|4 Deluxe

This is a cool M4 made totally out of chrome with a wooden handle on the m203. I guarantee it is an M4 that you have never seen before, it's...


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M4 Dev Boy Camo m4 Skin

This is a new skin for the M4 makes a change from the default one. Dev_boy had this to say: This is a black and white camo stye m...


M4 Dev_boy M4-OCIW

This is a cool M4 skin to look like the OCIW. It is really realalistic and looks quite good, so test it ;)


M4 [NBK]Gunner M4 Skin

Very nice skin this for the M4, its a type of black camo skin ;)


M4 Liquid Chrome M4 + M203

A nice skin for the M4, looks like its melting, if your bored with the M4 skins you have then give this a try :)


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M4 with the american flag on it.


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M4 Camo M4

Once again a very nice weapon. He has really proven what he can do, and he has kept his Promise, Keep up the good work Man!


M4 Red Dragon M4

This is an updated version of the the Red Dragon M4 skin.:) this skin replaces the look of the M4 , and has a picture of a dragon on the sid...


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M4 Canuk M4

This skin changes the look of your M4 weapon, its been changed into the canadian colors, made for all you canadian fraggers out there :) En...


M4 Dont Do Drugs M4

This is a funny M4 skin, black and white with some kool text on the sides :)


M4 Reality M4

i like this very much; simple, yet realistic & great for those games when u don't wanna be noticed ;) i know some of you are going...


M4 Black Red M4/ M203

This skin changes the look of the default M4/M203 weapon skin, nicely done skin, gives the M4 a darker look with a flash of red on the grena...