Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
M590 Shotgun

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix M590 Shotgun
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M590 Shotgun Grimm's Silver Shotgun

I made this skin because i wuz tired of all those bad m590 skins, i was also trying to get the hang of my new plugin (Eye Candy) and i hope...


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M590 Shotgun Wooden M590

Nice wooden skin for the M590. Gives it that "old western" look! Very nice skin!!


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M590 Shotgun Wooden M590

This is an updated version of the previously released MP 590 Wooden skin by FraserC


M590 Shotgun Jungle Shotty

Makes the M590 green and grey with a wood handle. Also makes the shells green instead of red.


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M590 Shotgun |V|atrix Shotty

This is a follow up for ppl that downloaded my Matrix M4. I made this shotty because all those ppl that downloaded it might like this one to...


M590 Shotgun Silver M590

A nice M590 skin for ya :) Cant live without a nice lookin M590.


M590 Shotgun Gold & Silver M590

This skin changes the look of your default M590 Shotgun weapon skin, nicely made go give it a test:)


M590 Shotgun Rusty M590 Skin

This is a rusty M590 skin made by Tha Master, it replaces the M590 with an old rusty look. If you want to try something different give it a...


M590 Shotgun Sn!per Boy's Desert_m590

This is a nice shotgun skin the first skin by Sn!per Boy member of _=|XBO|=_. This is what he had to say: With somme help of Tha ma...


M590 Shotgun Dev_boy SP M590

This changes the look of the shotgun in single player mode to silver Nice look, give it a test.


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M590 Shotgun Skull M590

Strange skin this one ;) The shotty has little pictures of skulls on it. Nicely done though give it a look..


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M590 Shotgun Snake Skin M590

The M590 shotgun has been turned into a snake, mind it don't bite. Good skin give it a test..


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M590 Shotgun Red Fusion m590

This is a nice skin for the m590 shotty


M590 Shotgun M590 Lava skin

This skin turns the Shottie into bright lave red.. Nice skin give it a blast ;)


M590 Shotgun AToM!c M590 Shotgun

Yet another nice skin for the M590 shotgun made by AToM!c. It just adds a little more colour to it and a cracked steel affect. The pump part...


M590 Shotgun Extravaganza Shotty

This skin changes the look of the M590 MP shotgun, another skin made by [email protected], go give it a blast, a nicely made skin,a good addition...


M590 Shotgun Jack Ass Shottie

This skin canges the look of your default M590 Shotgun skin, this one has the TV Show Jackass theme on the side, go take a look;)


M590 Shotgun Red Rocket

This is a nice shotgun skin, looks good in the game with its bright red colour. A nice 1 for your collection :)


M590 Shotgun Black Chrome M590

This skin changes the look of the shottie to black and chrome, part of the set to go with the nade skin pack ;)


M590 Shotgun Antique Shotgun

This is a nice antique shotgun. It looks,... well... old ! some nice textures and a kinda copper look to it ;)


M590 Shotgun [EF]LAWLESS Camo M590

This is a very cool weapon skin by LAWLESS. Makes the M590 camo with some very nice effects ;)


M590 Shotgun M590 Camo

A camo skin for the shotgun, nicely done very realistic, a cool addition to your collection, go give it a test ;)


M590 Shotgun Camo M590

This skin is a camoflauge version of the M590 Shotgun, a very nice addition to SOF2. Give it a go, along with the rest of his Camoflauge...


M590 Shotgun Coloured M590's

Here is a change to SOF2. The M590 now has different colours that you can shoose from. A good change to SOF2. I for one would not have thoug...