Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
M590 Shotgun

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix M590 Shotgun
M590 Shotgun Stressed Shotgun

This is a M590 skin, kind a cool veins effect on it, kinda like me when im stressed. Another nice skin from AnTs.


M590 Shotgun Old Fashon Shotgun

Straight from the antique shop we have a old fashion shotgun, lets hope it still shoots :) Enjoy.


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M590 Shotgun Silver Shotty

This is a nice new creation, by Medic ;) don't have much to add except; try it & be amazed :p


M590 Shotgun Cracked Up

This is yet another great file made by the man => MEDIC ! LOL if your bored of the default m590, try this one instead! gaurunteed...


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M590 Shotgun Paladin's Shotty

This is another awsome skin by Paladin. This looks very nice and gives a good look for gameing with :)


M590 Shotgun Dark Shotty

This is Lethals second skin, and a very nice one i must say. I think you should give this a try :)


M590 Shotgun Scorpion Chrome m590

This is an awsome new shotgun skin by scorpion, this is very realistic and loos extremely good. Probably the most realistic and best skin fo...


M590 Shotgun Blue Steel Shotgun

What can I say? This shotgun is a master piece. It has a unique aura to it. Its a must have if you like your shotty, just as I do:)


M590 Shotgun Hussein's M590

Another in the series from Fragger, this time its the turn of the M590 to get that Golden touch, nicely made skin, download it, and add it t...


M590 Shotgun Real M590

This skin changes the look of your default m590 shotgun skin, give it a test a see what you think :)


M590 Shotgun QuickSilver M590

Shotgun has silver on the top barrel and a light blue effect and also has a blue/black textured handle.


M590 Shotgun Antique M590

This is the latest in the, i hope, much loved Antique Series, along with the MSG. Same sorta feel as the ak and mp5, hope you enjoy a...


M590 Shotgun Wood Pump m590

A nice shotgun skin with a wooden pump and pistol grip. IMO the best looking m590 skin from what I've seen in a while at least. Give...


M590 Shotgun MA Sally !

Here the shottie gets a umm a girlie look its all pink, good skin if you want to be seen everywhere you hide, nicely done..whoever di...


M590 Shotgun Tactical Shotgun

Here is another cool skin by Grimmreaper, This time it's a wicked shotgun skin that you can wave in the oppersitions face before you blow i...


M590 Shotgun JTF2 Shotgun

Here we have a shotgun by JTF2. It has been tweaked to look just right. If you like your shotgun's then give it a try, see what you think :)


No Screenshot
M590 Shotgun RY M590

The M590 shottie gets a makeover here from Ryan, his first attempt at skinning, let him know what you think, go give it a try :p


M590 Shotgun Gold Shottie

Here the M590 shotgun gets a makeover from Ryan! another skin from him,go test it see what you think ;)


M590 Shotgun The Nightmare

Yes he's back again with another sweet skin for you guys and girls out there! This time he's back with a very nice m590 skin. Start download...


M590 Shotgun The Nightmare

Here we have one of the best shotgun skins from the now legendary Fragger known to all for his brilliant skins. The shotgun skin has a nice...


M590 Shotgun Am m590

Here is a nice m590 shotgun skin for everyone to go and enjoy :) give it a try and give SliceR2003 your feedback.


M590 Shotgun Banshee

Another personal weapon of mine...the M590 Pump Action Shotgun 'Banshee'. Obviously named as such because it literally blows the life out...


M590 Shotgun M590 War

This time the shotgun get the touch, the shotgun with some bicolor scheme and his own well worth looking at :thumbsup:


M590 Shotgun M590 Nbsp

I've made this skin cause i likeno,i love and everything around it. This is a cool and its actually my firs...