Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
M590 Shotgun

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix M590 Shotgun
M590 Shotgun Golden Dragon Chrome

Fragger never fails to deliver when it comes to skins. Here's another great skin from him for the shotgun. The screenshots are a little on...


M590 Shotgun Snake Skin m590

Here is a new shottie skin for you to try out, the m590 now has a Black GlassSnake Skin look to it, go give it a try and see what you think.


M590 Shotgun Nike Chrome Shotty

A chrome skin for the m590 with nike ensignia


M590 Shotgun War Shotty

Another m590 skin for you good people to download and add to your collection. By the looks of the screenshot this skin is based on the shotg...


M590 Shotgun Black Beauty M590 Skin

A m590 skin this time from Fragger. This time its a sleek black shiny shotty :)


M590 Shotgun Mossberg 590 Skin

2 nice skins for the m590. 1 uses a cahrome shader and the other does not. I think the screen shots say enough. And bring a welcome return...


No Screenshot
M590 Shotgun The Killer

A new skin for the m590.


M590 Shotgun Dark Chrome Skull Shotty

Another excellent skin by Fragger. This one is for your shotty and has skulls on it.


M590 Shotgun PokerFace's Shotty

A gold and chrome shotgun skin. This is a decent skin and we hope to see more from the developer.


M590 Shotgun Oblivion Shotgun Skin

This is a new skin for the good old shotty. This is the developers very first skin so it is not the best skin out there. But still give thi...


M590 Shotgun Chill Lightning Shotty

A new shot gun skin from Tenfold. It looks great so why not give a try.


M590 Shotgun HairBall Golden Stotty

A Golden shotgun with a skull on it. This is ver 2 of this skin but tbh I can't find ver 1 lol. The file was submitted and I was asked f...


M590 Shotgun Rusty Shotty

A new shotgun skin. Even though it says it is a rusty skin, It looks a bit to clean but still a nice skin. Nice work.


M590 Shotgun Blue Grey Shotgun

A new shotgun skin. This time is a Blue and Grey metal skin. Have look and see what you think.


M590 Shotgun Angrybob's Checkered M590

This is my first weapon skin, I made it in MS Paint. Please leave feedback. It's an M 590 Shotty with a checkered barrel. For more info see...


M590 Shotgun Desert Camo M590

Desert Camo M590 made in Photoshop CS2 on Saturday, June 12st. Desert Camo M590 made in Photoshop CS2 on Saturday, June 12st.


M590 Shotgun kas shotty

ok i made this for my buddy kas death killer he ask me to post it so i did :D put the file in mp but make sure you dont have any other co...