Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Male L.A.P.D. Cop

Not sure if it's the first custom SoF 2 skin ever (what ever happened to Activision's skinning contest???) but I do know that it's a nice sk...


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Male Clark

Here is a nice custom skin for you made by Severian. The skin is an Australian soldier and it looks great :) Have fun with it...


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Male Matt's JumpSuit

Nice skin by Matt called "Jumpsuit Skin" :)


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Male Robert Deniro

Your favorite moviestar-wannabe-badguy Robert Deniro is now fragable in SoF 2... thanks to Fragger :) Enjoy!


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Male Death Skin

A new great looking skin by fragger. Long dark coat and a skull face. What more do you need? Just download it below :)


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Male Jet Li

Here is the final version of a very nice celebrity skin made by *Jet aka Persa (aka Tuemmx)... The old ones didn't show up on the menu: fix...


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Male Neo

This is a The "Neo" Matrix skin :D but I don't think that introduction was necessary. The black trenchcoat says all! n1 Fragger! Unfortun...


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Male FBI Sniper

The Best Snipers that ever lived, The FBI snipers. Enjoy!


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Male Poe_skin

heres a nice skin from |Poe| i like the blue camo :)


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Male Cyon Shop Grey

Here is a modified version of the Shop Guard skin by Cyon. Very nice :)


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Male The Iron Legion

This is a skin pack to replace the entire set of arctic camo outfits in multiplayer (the blue team on mp_kam3, for instance). Very nice new...


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Male Cult Skin Pack

Bored with the Finca skins, try a cultish blend instead :)


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Male Pimp Daddy

Smokey has brought you Pimp Daddy. Bored with the old skin ? Try the new coat and pimp them frags :beer:


Male Flamer Skin

This is the first of many we hope from =SoF=Merchant|Meat, looks good, go give it a try see what its like. Keep um cummin dude:)


Male The Punisher

Here is another great skin from fragger. Here we have the Punisher out of Marvel Comics (Spider Man). Give it a try, its a very nice skin :)


Male Terrorist

This is a terroris with a long balck trenchcoat and dark glasses, deathmatch only. He doesnt replace anyone in team games.[/quote...


Male Camo Player Skin

This is the second player skin from =SoF=Merchant|Meat, this time the character is suited up in a Camo outfit, looks cool give it a try, see...


Male Get Osama Player Skin

This skin changes the look of the Players shirt, nuff said :p


Male Freddy Skin

This is a cool player skin made up to look like Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street Horror film series, nice one, keep um cummin L...


Male A Halloween Skin

This player skin has been made up to like Micheal Myers from the Halloween Horror film series, cool skin now where is the Jamie Lee Curtis s...


Male Terminator Skin

Another player skin from Lars ziegler, this time he has modled the player skin on Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Terminator Movies, nice ski...


Male Columbian Bush Camo

This player skin has had a makeover by =SoF= Merchant|Meat its been given the same colors as the Columbian scenery, should make hiding the...


Male Desert Camo Skin

This give your MP player skin a Desert camo makeover, another fine skin from =SoF= Merchant|Meat ;)


Male Jason Skin

Here is a very nice Jason skin from Friday the 13th, a must have for any horror skin collection. Give it a try, see if you like it ;)