Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Guinness Console veire 129KB 1,330
RoCmod V8 2.0c - Experimental Scope Douglas Giovany 349KB 187
Alternative efx xlex-kin 3.22MB 609
Lightning Pistols xlex-kin 2.09MB 109
Silver& Guest 220KB 145
Favohides - Improved Server Browser Guest 813KB 113
Favohides - Improved Server Browser Guest 816KB 155
Carmen Electra Screens Guest 6.08MB 169
andoda mod Guest 95KB 188
Average Armor Fix Guest 181KB 150
Fireballs Guest 12KB 120
BIOSCHOCK Thunder Hands Guest 329KB 275
Joel's Weapons Modification Guest 8MB 365
OMWMod-Client Guest 969KB 130
OMWMod-Server-Botsfiles Guest 1.31MB 163
OMWMod Guest 1.3MB 82
OMWMod-Server V.1.0c Guest 1.02MB 162
OMWMod-Client-v1.0c Guest 650KB 146
CGSmod Guest 2.85MB 789
JA-Mod 1.20 Source Code Guest 4.15MB 66
mtk420's ammo/fire rate mod Guest 44KB 162
Gore Improvement Legoman2002 1.34MB 72
[-TOC-] Real Damage & Gore Mod Cobraderra [-TOC-] 20KB 1,822
Red Orchestra Suprise Red Orchestra Mod Team 1.58MB 710
Red Orchestra movie clip Red Orchestra Mod Team 398KB 738
Fragger HUD Fragger 298KB 1,269
Custom Radio Menu [GF]Nollie 31KB 6,048
Xperience cobralord 136KB 200
Team Icons Fragger 75KB 1,154
SoF Time Skinner 6KB 1,093
Scary Background MyFly 548KB 376
Makeover Guest 2.48MB 428
New Menu Fragger 811KB 668
No M4 Grenades [GF]Nollie 6KB 871
Noob Killer Mod [GF]Nollie 6KB 366
DKS new console -=[DKS]=-Black Borovan 30KB 189
Sanitization Mod(COOL) saintzin 3.7MB 4,413
M4 NO Nades [GF]Nollie 7KB 1,822
Noob Killer Mod [GF]Nollie 7KB 1,340
SOF2 Minimizer [GF]Nollie 8KB 40,463
Weapon mod MrBigMr 2.49MB 1,254
Ultimate Radio Mod [GF]Nollie 66KB 14,466
Weapon Mod v1.1 MrBigMr 2.69MB 3,939
SoF2 German Blood Patch 100.73MB 8,773
Warfare Here and Now Guest 1.01MB 210
Ultimate Radio and Voice Pack Update [GF]Nollie 57KB 6,048
|\|eon Gr33n Bl00d dieingdevil 4.48MB 1,008
SoF2 German Patch (Gold Patch Included) 17.47MB 2,875
New Team Icons Sir Paul 154KB 517
(OS) Team Icons (OS)Soprano 86KB 444