Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Flame Mp5 {KMA}Flame-O-MaTiC* 380KB 971
Camo mp5 Darkwolf 313KB 700
World War 2 MP5 Flame-O-Matic 641KB 1,126
Camo Mp5 Guest 704KB 472
Xtreme Black Ops MP5 Gr!mmRe@per 343KB 600
Red Fusion MP5 Flame-O-Matic 391KB 393
Silver MP5A5 Scorpion_Blood 367KB 5,615
Frostfire MP5 OKA SHADOW 296KB 243
Sn!per Boy's Black And White Mp5 Sn!per Boy 179KB 281
red fusion mp5 -)SaM(- HoLLoW_PoiNt 427KB 882
|CAFN| Sconzy's Lave mp5 |CAFN| Sconzy's 353KB 132
Scorpion Silver MP5A5 Scorpion_Blood 422KB 7,627
Black Ops Mp5 BC/MavericK 761KB 3,079
U.S Camo Mp5 =-[]DhRozT-= 395KB 355
Blue Metal MP5 (OS)Soprano 1014KB 5,016
Fuz2y Mp5 Fuz2y 591KB 422
Bloody MP5 p0cK3+ 212KB 634
Golden MP5 Bounty 441KB 879
Alias White MP5 N4sTy 167KB 2,514
Luxury MP5 Gr!mmRe@per 380KB 507
Non-Silenced MP5 The_G_UNIT 517KB 710
Paint Mp5 AnTs 113KB 109
True Mp5-10 51337_dollars 1010KB 828
Mp5a3 Skin Harmonic 390KB 466
No Silencer Mp5 Kerlesh 157KB 1,193
MP5 a10 {Re(@)peR} 408KB 499
K|D MP5 -=Lone K|D=- 320KB 587
Jungle Camo Mp5 _=[Paladin]=_Paladin 421KB 252
Hussein's MP5 Fragger 543KB 2,926
Silver Shady MP5 (unsilenced) Gr!mmRe@per 1.3MB 662
Antique MP5 Creeper 979KB 819
BattleMidget's Partially Pewter Chrome MP5 Project L 452KB 4,392
Matrix Reloaded Mp5 [IFF]NeO ThE OnE 371KB 929
Bounty's MP5 Guest 483KB 519
Camo MP5 Canadian Joker 203KB 318
Blue Mp5 Elaktronnye 402KB 392
Python MP5 King Kobra 1.87MB 85
Creeper's Mmmmmp5 Creeper 1.24MB 489
Matrix MP5 LeTHaL BaNaNa 526KB 668
Semi Transparent MP5 Sox 530KB 314
Army Issue Mp5 Gr!mmRe@per 403KB 658
Assassin's Ace Mp5 Gr!mmRe@per 612KB 695
Frostfire MP5 Silencer Removed OKA SHADOW 374KB 418
S.A.S Assault MP5 OKA SHADOW 552KB 366
Funky Mp5 Spoonraker 1.16MB 306
A10 Mp5 {Re(@)peR} 1.36MB 2,465
Black Dragon Mp5 SuperFly 460KB 2,716
Mp5 Bloody 765KB 198
Golden Lion Mp5 akiranappie 693KB 457
Redrumgods Camo Mp5 Redrumgod 631KB 305