Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix MP5
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MP5 No Silencer Mp5

This skin changes the look of your Mp5 weapon, included is a new sound and muzzle flash, this is what the author said: Well as u can...


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MP5 MP5 a10

This changes the look of the default Mp5 enjoy ;) This is a darker mp5 with a new texture on the silencer and a chrome/metal looking...



This skin changes the look of the MP5 MP weapon skin, nice skin go see for yorself, and give it a try.


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MP5 Jungle Camo Mp5

Yet another lovely skin by Paladin, this one has a very nice effect to it wich makes it look better :)


MP5 Hussein's MP5

This skin changes the look of your default Mp5 skin.;) A Very Good skin based on Sadam Hussein's gold weapons found in Iraq, this skin i...


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MP5 Silver Shady MP5 (unsilenced)

This is my best MP5 ever I made it nice & sniny with a shader & put some brown leather, worn down, pads on the handles. It looks awesome in...


MP5 Antique MP5

If you are a MP5 person then you will like this skin. This skin gives the MP5 an "antique" effect. Give it a try see what you think :)


MP5 BattleMidget's Partially Pewter Chrome MP5

This is a very nice MP5 skin, it changes the look of the MP default weapon skin, It adds chrome to the top of the MP5, and some on the side....


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MP5 Matrix Reloaded Mp5

This skin canges the look of your standard MP Mp5 weapon skin, nicely done go give it a test run;)


MP5 Bounty's MP5

This skin changes the look of the default MP mp5 weapon skin, nicely made by bounty I assume, no author name or e-mail address supplied, not...


MP5 Camo MP5

Here is a nice camo MP5 skin from CaNaDiAnJoKeR. Give it a try, you might like it :)


MP5 Blue Mp5

This is a nice skin for the Mp5, its been given a blueish color, go give it a try see what you think..


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MP5 Python MP5

This skin changes the look of the Mp5 weapon skin in the MP game, this skin has been made with an orange color that looks like python skin,...


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MP5 Creeper's Mmmmmp5

This is simply a *>>>>_H-U-G-E_


MP5 Matrix MP5

As by popular demand,here's a good skin for your MP5. Nice job Lethal Banana.


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MP5 Semi Transparent MP5

A nice skin i think, my first skin sith shader. Overall, was aiming for a weird-look that's fresh . A nice first skin fro...


MP5 Army Issue Mp5

Here is a very cool Army style Mp5! It's a must have for all you fraggers who like realistic skins so add this sweet skin to your collectio...


MP5 Assassin's Ace Mp5

Here ia a real Ace Mp5 skin yet again by Grimmreaper, So be the coolest fragger about and download this great skin now :rock:


MP5 Frostfire MP5 Silencer Removed

Here's a nice skin for you MP5 freaks out there. An Update to my FrostFire MP5 i Rmoved the muzzle and found a flash for it. Enjoy....


MP5 S.A.S Assault MP5

I decide to do a more serious looking i did... OKA SHADOW has given the Mp5 a make over here, go check it out and se...


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MP5 Funky Mp5

A very Funky and jazzy mp5 skin and sound to give your game a cool style and sound. Worth the download so add it to your collection of wicke...


MP5 A10 Mp5

Here are two very nice mp5 skins. One mp5 skin has a cool reskin and a new silencer and the other has no silencer. Very cool skin's to have...


MP5 Black Dragon Mp5

Wow what a very nice realistic Mp5 9mm skin and sound as this version has no silencer! A very nice piece of work. So get this great skin in...


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MP5 Mp5 Bloody

File 10 in the series of weapon skins, this time the Mp5 gets some new clothes :)