Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
MSG90A1 Sniper Rifle

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Spec-Ops Sniper Rifle [FeC] Tango* 108KB 5,246
Commando Sniper [FeC] Tango* 150KB 2,530
BL@CK 0P$ $||!P3R Gr!mmRe@per 45KB 11,910
Snow Sniper [EF]Lawless 104KB 952
Luxury Rifle Gr!mmRe@per 129KB 828
Sniper Camo {.O.Z.} 82ndRecon 116KB 504
Dark camo Msg {.O.Z.} 82ndRecon 130KB 474
Tiger camo {.O.Z.} 82ndRecon 145KB 403
U.S. Army Sniper =-[]DhRozT-= 51KB 994
Camo Sniper Rifle ArkansasDave 148KB 297
Desert Camo Sniper Rifle ArkansasDave 147KB 334
AnTs Pro Sniper AnTs 75KB 666
Viper Sniper Scope Viper1326 45KB 221
AnTs Pro Sniper (jungletastic) AnTs 129KB 276
Viper Sniper Scope Viper1326 80KB 5,222
Grass sniper The Assasin 248KB 314
Viper Sniper Full Screen Viper1326 17KB 1,398
Electro Sniper Viper1326 72KB 3,436
Ants Pro Sniper 3.0 (Darkwoodflame) AnTs 84KB 409
Ants Pro Sniper "Outcast" AnTs 190KB 807
Realistic Sniper :I*D* -=*MeDiC*=- [UK] 278KB 571
Rusty Sniper :I*D* -=*MeDiC*=- [UK] 234KB 98
Unreal AK74 :I*D* -=*MeDiC*=- [UK] 336KB 150
Rainbow Sniper Rifle Gimpy 33KB 279
Dark Mud Camo =-Sn00per-= Rifle =-[]DhRozT-= 49KB 173
Brandon Haschke Sniper Skins Brandon Haschke 194KB 849
R3negad3 Scope r3negad3 178KB 1,029
Slick Silver Rifle Gr!mmRe@per 355KB 319
Silver Shady Rifle Gr!mmRe@per 922KB 256
Scorpion Silver Msg90a1 Scorpion_Blood 161KB 8,166
MSG90A1 to OICW --=Crusader=- 116KB 621
Frost Elite Scope H&K Frost 34KB 2,490
SoF Power Sniper Kasket 290KB 404
MSG90A1 Reskin Leon 170KB 644
HK Sniper -{Re(@)peR}- 767KB 607
Camo Sniper Fragger 190KB 1,630
Syph Snipaz Glowing Sniper Skin SyphSyph(LoNerS) 450KB 96
Antique MSG Creeper 130KB 592
-=*GF*=-Sniper wolverin 295KB 650
Electronic msg90a1 JollyIsThePie 338KB 729
JTF2 MSG90A1 JTF2 56KB 231
Snipers Heaven Gr!mmRe@per 141KB 812
Terra Rifle TerraRyzor and Arca 342KB 140
Syph Snipaz Psyca Skin SyphSyph(LoNerS) 471KB 96
Syph Snipaz Lime Sniper SyphSyph(LoNerS) 137KB 102
Desert Camo Sig W@rlocK 44KB 537
Snake Fox's MSG-sniper <=III=> Snake_Fox 134KB 317
Sniper War 202KB 692
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