Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
[-TOC-] Real Damage & Gore Mod Cobraderra [-TOC-] 20KB 1818
Red Orchestra Suprise Red Orchestra Mod Team 1.58MB 710
Red Orchestra movie clip Red Orchestra Mod Team 398KB 738
Fragger HUD Fragger 298KB 1269
Custom Radio Menu [GF]Nollie 31KB 6048
Xperience cobralord 136KB 200
Team Icons Fragger 75KB 1154
SoF Time Skinner 6KB 1093
Scary Background MyFly 548KB 375
Makeover Guest 2.48MB 427
New Menu Fragger 811KB 667
No M4 Grenades [GF]Nollie 6KB 871
Noob Killer Mod [GF]Nollie 6KB 366
DKS new console -=[DKS]=-Black Borovan 30KB 189
Sanitization Mod(COOL) saintzin 3.7MB 4412
M4 NO Nades [GF]Nollie 7KB 1821
Noob Killer Mod [GF]Nollie 7KB 1340
SOF2 Minimizer [GF]Nollie 8KB 40455
Weapon mod MrBigMr 2.49MB 1252
Ultimate Radio Mod [GF]Nollie 66KB 14465
Weapon Mod v1.1 MrBigMr 2.69MB 3937
SoF2 German Blood Patch 100.73MB 8759
Warfare Here and Now Guest 1.01MB 210
Ultimate Radio and Voice Pack Update [GF]Nollie 57KB 6048
|\|eon Gr33n Bl00d dieingdevil 4.48MB 1007
SoF2 German Patch (Gold Patch Included) 17.47MB 2867
New Team Icons Sir Paul 154KB 517
(OS) Team Icons (OS)Soprano 86KB 443
GER Tactical Weapons Mod Cisco256 784KB 644
CSF Pack CSF 16.01MB 473
CRSbot Kris Rigby 320KB 8107
CRSbot Source Code Kris Rigby 172KB 947
Military Archives Bot Route Dude100 8KB 402
True Damage Wiley 13KB 1605
Gore Mod -=Z3r0 c001=- 8KB 24518
Wierd Bubbles Crash Overide 35KB 183
Unofficial 1.04 Mod Kris Rigby 2.44MB 5516
Super Gore Milker 11KB 8698
Random Hero's Ultra Gore Mod. Juggernaut 9KB 382
3rd Mod Heretic 486KB 687
Random Hero's Extreme Gore mod Juggernaut 537KB 2779
Acro's Extreme Gore Mod Juggernaut 16KB 9911
Psycho Mod <ltk>****PsychicWarVet****) 179KB 935
Colored FIRE and SMOKE NFC Toejam 1.87MB 1307
LxG Real Damage Final LxG - League of eXtraordinar 12KB 233
LxG Real Damage LxG - League of eXtraordinar 9KB 797
Weapons OF War Mod wTc-|-GunSmoKe 6.52MB 1043
{BLS} Icons {BLS}-S- Skulz & CLA Galphar 48KB 279
|nwo| Clan Console Screen |nwo| Tukker Terror 79KB 245
SoF2 No Armour Mod Guest 370KB 110