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Other |\|eon Gr33n Bl00d

This is a cool mod for all those gore lovers. It changes the blood to look like the green slime that comes from the wounds of an alien, kind...


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Other SoF2 German Patch (Gold Patch Included)

We released a new uncut patch for sof2 (now includes the gold patch)! It also fixes violence problems in the us and uk version (not o...


Other New Team Icons

This changes the look of the Red and Blue Team Icons Red is a snake and Blue is a Wolf ;)


Other (OS) Team Icons

This mod changes the look of the overhead team icons in MP games, a change from the boring red and blue SOF ones. Nicely done go give the...


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Other GER Tactical Weapons Mod

This mod is mainly intended for ppl playing on one of -=||=-'s clanservers. It features more ammo, armor, grenades and more powerfull...


Other CSF Pack

This pack contains quite a few goodies, be sure to rear the readme for the full contents, here a just a few: Weapon Skins: Junglepack, Ju...


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Other CRSbot

From the creator of Man Down comes the CRSbot! These bots can be played with regular SoF2 (ver 1.03+). The beauty of these are they are se...


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Other CRSbot Source Code

Here is the source code for the CRSbot.


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Other Military Archives Bot Route

Here is a new bot route for great map Military Archives. All you need to play is the ManDown mod and then you can use this bot route. Here...


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Other True Damage

Here is another version of the real damage mod but its called "True Damage" so you dont get confused. With this installed you can have the b...


Other Gore Mod

Ok,which of you gamers out there were talking bout MP not having enough GORE ? Cuz *°F!®3 [email protected]®°*'s (aka Z3r0_c001) has made your wish c...


Other Wierd Bubbles

This is a very simple mod that changes the bubbles in the water to green, sent in by Tim Goodrch aka Crash Overide. Go give them a try:)


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Other Unofficial 1.04 Mod

** This mod is totally unofficial and not supported by Raven Software in any way ** This is the Unofficial Sof2 1.04 Mod from the make...


Other Super Gore

Here we have a bloody great mod! This mod is packed with blood and gore so if you like bloody mess's then this is the mod for you, so give...


Other Random Hero's Ultra Gore Mod.

Took a while to get everything up nice, and here it is. This is 1 of the best gore mods for sof2 and its still getting better. I gue...


Other 3rd Mod

Well not much of a description or clue as to what this is, so you will have to download it and see, go give it a test and let the author kno...


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Other Random Hero's Extreme Gore mod

Here is the fixed version of Juggernaut's Gore Mod, for all of you that had problems grab this fixed version ;)


Other Acro's Extreme Gore Mod

Juggernaut's back with another gore mod, this time it has even more blood and guts so if your up for a bloody mess this is the mod for you!


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Other Psycho Mod

Here we have a great sever side mod! worth the download to make gameplay on your sever the best. Read the read me for the benefits :)


Other Colored FIRE and SMOKE

I make alot of stuff for my clan but this was to "GOOD" not to share!!! This is a little some thing I have been wanting to do for...


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Other LxG Real Damage Final

The specs are designed by LxG team members and programmed by All the weapons are modified. The following are the fe...


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Other LxG Real Damage

The specs are designed by LxG team members and programmed by All the weapons are modified. The following are the fe...


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Other Weapons OF War Mod

This mod was created to add some more texture to sof2 multi-player. Some of the stuff is not exactly realistic but more of a unreal t...


Other {BLS} Icons

This little mod changes the look of your team player Icons, go give them a test and see what you think ;)