Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Others Soldier of Fortune 2 Press / Fansite Kit

This 11 (Unzipped) Meg Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix Press Kit contains some very cool SoF 2 material and art. I (Pro-Filer) personally...


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Others First bloody gore screenies for SoF2

Here are some the first 4 screenshots for Soldier of Fortune 2 with the blood and the gore! The screenshots are in high resolution like 1...


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Others Bunker Radio Broadcast

The Bunker Network have created the first Bunker Network Radio Broadcast. This is an experimental broadcast that you can download. It contai...


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Others SoF 2 Radio Broadcast

Well the Bunker Network are giving it anohter go. This time their broadcasts are spesific for the game you want. So this 23 min broadcast is...


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Others Pharaos Fluch PLAN !!

A map of a map :) Pharao has made this floor plan for users of his map because lots of people where getting lost. So if you were one of them...


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Others ICQ Sounds from SOF2

For all of you out there who have ICQ Berre has made a little sound mod for you to use on your ICQ programme, made up from sounds contained...


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Others SoF2 Gun setup tutorial

A tutorial made by k|ll I w|ll(aka The Invisible Man) for sof2 and games alike that teaches you how to set up your own guns for sof2. [quo...


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Others Web Template

Don't know what this really does, i have not tested it :( Go have a look and see for yourself ;)


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Others Dino's Loading Screen And Console

A very creative console and loading screen for the game, this is worth grabbing


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Others Tips and Tricks For Mp_jor1

Take a look and mail me if you have others ones, i've not make every tips and tricks available on this map but there're a lot :)...


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Others Euro 1 v1 competition demos

This is the collection of demos I recorded from the recent soffiles 1 vs 1 competition. While the first day was hit by quite few players n...