Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Player Inisible Skin

Invisible skin for all u people who enjoy training hard, i wasnt sure if i should post this but if there r problems it will be deleted


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Player Prison break skinpack

This is a set of replacement skins for the thug characters used in mp_kam2, mp_hk1, mp_hk2, and any other maps that use those team skins.Dam...


Player BLoOdy HaNds

Well this skin does what the title says..give your player bloody hands. This is what the author said I made this skin for the peopl...


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Player S.W.A.T Skins

These will replace the marines with SWAT members very nice skins some nice work gone into these Enjoy !


Player Brianna Skin

This is the Brianna skin in MP :D Woo hoo !


Player Father Dread

A preist with loads of guns what's the world coming to? Now you will receive me. I do not ask for your poor or your hungry....


Player US Army Hand

This is one of the most detailed glove skins I have seen :) A must have if you like your detailed skins.


Player Pinup Queen Player Icons

These are somer kick ass player icons in the form of Pinup Queens for SOF2


Player Elite

This is a nice addition to the player skins, nicely done, keep them coming oldmanfunk ;) v1 - Elite is my 1st custom player skin, i...


Player Gestapo Hand

Here we have a cool skin for the hand! it has the sybol of the swastika on it with a grey background, it looks very nice and is a change fro...


Player Oak Camo Gloves

Here we have some cool oak camo gloves that are loads better than the default gloves so download now and give some feed back on these sweet...


Player Trickys Female Shorts Racer

Call her Racer Girl, all I know is she's got a 6 pack! I made this skin for a "Transgender" person and they loved it. I really didn't...


Player Star Wars Clone Troopers Skins

These are a set of skins that replace the stock Prometheus skins. The skins are based on the clone troopers from the new Star Wars films (No...


Player UN player skins

A set of skins based on the UN. These replace the Promethius default skins. To install just extract the pk3 to your base folder. To uninstal...


Player Storm Trooper Skin

A Storm Trooper skin that replaces the promethius skin.


Player Storm Trooper Skins

This is a updated version of War Lords Storm Troopers skins by Atomic Empire.


Player black and blue plaid hands

This changes the look of your hands/arms to black gloved with plaid sleeves. Edit Screenshots added. This makes me think of lumerjacks, I'...


Player ammokid's grey order soldier

Dont like the blue order soldier skin and want a better 1? Then download this then! This is my first skin so i hope u like it :D



This is a skin for replacing the original handgloves to some nice expensive Armani Gloves ! Have fun and lett the boasting begin :D