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Sig 551

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Sig 551
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Sig 551 Christmas Sig 551

This is a white weapon skin to go with the Santa Claus models. Just unzip it to your Soldier of Fortune II/base/mp folder.


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Sig 551 DyNa Sig 551 by Flame-O-MaTiC

A greenish-colored Sig 551 skin created by Flame-O-MaTiC.


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Sig 551 Xena Sig551

a nice looking sig with new sounds the scope looks cool!


Sig 551 Chrome sig551

Nice skin.. changes the look of the sig551 to give it a chrome look.


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Sig 551 SiG551 skin

This nice skin for the SiG551 has the picture of a Raptor on the scope :p


Sig 551 Camo Sig

A very nice skin made by =-DhRozT-=. Its camoflauge which makes the game even more real. I look foward to seeing more skins like this in the...


Sig 551 Camo Sig551

A very high detailed skin for the Sig551. The detail is so intense it looks sooo real! I would recommend this skin to anyone! :)


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Sig 551 Silver Shady Siggy

This skin changes the look of the default Sig 551 MP weapon, another skin from [email protected], showing the effect of the shaders, nice skin go...


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Sig 551 You Scare Me

Here is a skin for the Sig 551. Looks like a brick only scary. Nice skin from AnTs :)


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Sig 551 Midas SIG

A SiG with the Midas touch of gold :D


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Sig 551 Green Camo Sig551

This skin changes the look of the default weapon skin. :) Are you bored of the normal skins, do you need a change?? Go give this a try :)


Sig 551 Bloody Sig551

This is a very nice skin for the Sig511 indeed. It is literally what the title says. A nice bloody sig551 skin :) I like the screen scope...


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Sig 551 D4rk3r S1G

And the second part of his Darker pack; the darker sig again; if you like darkness & play lots of RMG or huge maps; then u will need this...


Sig 551 Scorpion Silver Sig551

This is another great skin from Scorpions awesome silver chrome collection. This one is a skin for the Sig551 and is another great skin that...


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Sig 551 Camo Sig 551

Here we have a nice camo sig skin from CaNaDiAnJoKeR. Give it a try see what you think :)


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Sig 551 Tactical Ops Sig

Here is a very nice sig551 skin, its a Tactical Ops Sig and its very cool so for all you fans of the sig i suggets you start to download str...


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Sig 551 Desert Camo Sig

What a amazing desert camo skin for the sig made by Warlock, The desert camo is very nicely been added and it looks very realistic. I know t...


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Sig 551 Sig551 War

Here the sig gets a new skin, a snow camo sig with red scope...(need lunette_war.pk3 file in order to use red scope.) Another addition to th...


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Sig 551 Concrete Sig551

This skin changes the look of your default SIg551 MP weapon skin, nicely done, go give it a try:)


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Sig 551 Light-Green-Sig

A 'lite' Green colored sig551 by merlin


Sig 551 The Stinger

Here is another great addition to the "hazard" skin pack. This time it is a sig 551 so download it and add it to your collection


Sig 551 Ground Zero SIG 551

I put this one together mainly as some thought the partial wooden stock and hazard pattern (or construction tape as some insisted lol...


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Sig 551 Urban Sig551

Here we have a great urban sig551. Worth the download for those urban maps so give it a try and give your feed back :)


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Sig 551 Realistic Camoflauged Sig551

Here we have a camo sig551 that looks very cool so go give it a try


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