Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
Skin Packs

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Fraggers Skin Pack Fragger 1.53MB 1,135
Thugs Skin Pack Fragger 7.69MB 3,171
Shock Troops Cyon 1.77MB 6,892
Christmas Skinpack! Fuz2y 3.13MB 4,880
S.W.A.T Team V2 -=Z3r0 c001=- 1.94MB 4,059
°{=->Gr!mm's SnowOps<-=}° Gr!mmRe@per 3.17MB 1,504
Desert Storm Pack -=Zer0 c001=- 2.36MB 3,491
Annih Skins annih 459KB 1,094
Clown Squad [ESF]-=Lone=- 1.64MB 2,850
Terrorists Pack -=Z3r0 c001=- 1.5MB 2,114
CE Skinpack winne =CE= 2.54MB 720
O.C.R.P.S. Player Skins -=Z3r0 c001=- 1.3MB 544
Team DC Skin Pack DarkAssassin 476KB 503
Forest camo [ESF]-=Lone=- 2.22MB 846
Spec Ops Team -=Z3r0 c001=- 1.63MB 3,105
Black Ops Urban Marines Fuz2y 3.05MB 3,959
NFC Skin Pack NFC Rogue 2.52MB 831
Black Hawk Down -=Z3r0 c001=- 2.1MB 1,197
Black Hawk Down Skins Version -=Z3r0 c001=- 2.11MB 2,211
Nocturnal Ops Outfit Gr!mmRe@per 2.83MB 1,310
Black Hawk Down Skins -=Z3r0 c001=- 2.08MB 8,412
Gr!mm's Urban SnowOps Gr!mmRe@per 2.02MB 1,143
Urban Marine Force -=Z3r0 c001=- 1.18MB 4,196
Terrorist pack IRbe69 878KB 959
GSG-9 Version -=Z3r0 c001=- 1.15MB 4,109
Dictator Skin Pack Lars ziegler 1.48MB 863
Kitchen Crew DarkAssassin 612KB 522
Dictators Skinpack Lars ziegler 2.17MB 1,738
Leon Invisible Players Leon 164KB 1,728
The Dictators Skinpack Lars ziegler 2.56MB 4,817
Matrix Skins ||~Ph4x0r~|| 869KB 7,791
Civilians Skins Crusader 793KB 1,697
American Pie Team. Fragger 2.39MB 2,254
Raven Shield Skins FIRE|STARTER 1.22MB 3,551
Zombie Team Fragger 2.44MB 3,140
Bio Camo Fragger 32KB 1,019
Titanium Weaponpack Gr!mmRe@per 1.62MB 1,248
Leon Invisitor Players Leon 293KB 1,012
Shock Troops shock trooper 90a1 711KB 606
Bomb Ghost Flag & Icons >>[ s@|Tilly ]<< 108KB 594
Snow Ops FIRE|STARTER 2.19MB 1,040
6 Pack ~SilverFox~ 437KB 122
6 Pack ~SilverFox~ 435KB 1,961
Einherjar Thor 2.84MB 850
Iraqi Fighter Da iRaQi 417KB 1,278
Sin Skin pack Jersey 869KB 354
DTP Flags and Icons Guest 693KB 138
Bank Robbers Skin Pack Oldmanfunk 2.14MB 1,299
Aaa Thief's Skins ThiefKnifer 756KB 357
Bam's Hand Pack B@M 580KB 424
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