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Skin Packs Fraggers Skin Pack

Changes the civilians into police on some of the levels. Just to make it more believeable.


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Skin Packs Thugs Skin Pack

Change the thugs into these guys :D


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Skin Packs Shock Troops

This is a bit more than just a skin pack. I guess you could call it a "character pack". By altering the NPC files for the Prometheus guys, f...


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Skin Packs Christmas Skinpack!

A very cool skinpack created by Fuz2y! Each character is dressed up like Santa Clause. Big thanks to RambOrc from [url=http://www...


Skin Packs S.W.A.T Team V2

This is Z3r0's newest SWAT edition. High detail, as always, and added vizors on the helmets for that extra bit of realism in order to recre...


Skin Packs °{=->Gr!mm's SnowOps<-=}°

This is my very first player skinpack and i really think i succeeded in makin something to pleasure all. I recommend it to all those KAM pla...


Skin Packs Desert Storm Pack

This is what we've all been waiting for : a good replacement for the marines ! download these, because they are to good for words ;)


Skin Packs Annih Skins

Here are some new player skins for sof2 mp, nicely done :) Go give them a try.


Skin Packs Clown Squad

These are some nicely done evil clowns why because they shoot people, these replace the colombians, a nice skin for all those people that wa...


Skin Packs Terrorists Pack

These are some cool skins to replace the col rebels & look especially good on dust. They really gave me a nostalgic Counter Strike feeling,...


Skin Packs CE Skinpack

This is a full set of replacement skins for the arctic characters,It has been made for the Canvey Elite for all the clan members and support...


Skin Packs O.C.R.P.S. Player Skins

This skin pack will replace the civilians with O.C.R.P.S members, FYI -OCRPS are the equivilant to S.W.A.T....but Canadian....;) ** WARNI...


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Skin Packs Team DC Skin Pack

Here is a very nice Skin Pack made for the .draconis Combined clan. This is what the autor saidEveryone wants black soldiers, night...


Skin Packs Forest camo

This changes the marine camo's to the forest camo's.


Skin Packs Spec Ops Team

These are really cool skins. I love em & i'll be using them for a long time ! They remind me of CS but they got that extra Splinter Cell to...


Skin Packs Black Ops Urban Marines

This skin pack changes the look of the marines in MP games, nice set of skins, go give them a test ;)


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Skin Packs NFC Skin Pack

This skin pack has been designed for the NFC Clan, nicely done skins, well worth giving them a test :) Enjoy


Skin Packs Black Hawk Down

These skins are based upon the characters in the hit movie "Black Hawk Down". This pack will replace your marine players in the game Enjoy...


Skin Packs Black Hawk Down Skins Version

These skins are based upon the characters in the hit movie "Black HAwk Down" Update = Some people were complaining a bit about the...


Skin Packs Nocturnal Ops Outfit

These skins replace the marines, with some very cool red/black night camo, which really comes in handy on dark maps or desert maps:) [quo...


Skin Packs Black Hawk Down Skins

This is the 3rd version of -=Z3r0 c001=-'s Black Hawk Down skins. This time round he has fixed some errors and added the delta force units...


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Skin Packs Gr!mm's Urban SnowOps

These are very good quickies. All i did was edit my previous snowguys pack & made em Urban camo, instead of blue ;) but they look awesome....


Skin Packs Urban Marine Force

Believe it or not but these big'uns LOL ;) replace the civilians. For all people bored with the civ's, download this cuz it'll be an impr...


Skin Packs Terrorist pack

This is a skinpack for the Prometheus guys, that makes em look a bit more impressive then the old ones. Simple but sweet ! ;)