Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Skinning
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Skinning SOF2 Skinmod

For mod makers, making new characters is one of the best ways to make your creation feel unique and special. With Soldier of Fortune 2, Rave...


Skinning ScreenShot Hud and Scope

Thanks to FOGGrindPunk for this very useful utility. First off this is not some amazing spectacular mod, skin, or anything else. Wha...


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Skinning Simple Skinning Tutorial

Bossniper92617 has sent in a simple skinning Tutorial to get you wanna be skinners on the first steps to skinning. Contained in the file are...


Skinning Weapon Tools

The wire frame models for all weapons. This will make it alot easier for novice skinners.


Skinning Charater Tools

These are great tools for skinners. It is the wire frames for characters.