Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Paladin Sounds _=[Paladin]=_Remo 2.27MB 361
Theather of Pain Fubah 1.09MB 594
Theather of Pain Fubah 1.32MB 397
Chow Yun Fat SOF2 Sounds Chow Yun Fat 1.55MB 3838
Theather of Pain Fubah 1.57MB 3630
Pharao Sounds Pharao_FS 1.22MB 869
Fraggers New Sound Pack Fragger 69KB 1022
SOF1 Oldskool Sounds by tGN tGN 186KB 488
Heat SoundXperience Gunslinger (.de) 2.22MB 2950
JeLLyNuTz Weapon Sound Pak {UPS}JeLLyNuTz 2.02MB 2610
Drd's Ultimate Sound Pack drdemon 529KB 3265
New Soundpack jsc 285KB 1063
H&K Frosts Realistic Sounds H&K Frost 357KB 345
H&K Frost RealSounds 3.0 H&K Frost 1.13MB 1106
zwwazzasound jsc 944KB 423
Annihilator mpk5 sound Annihilator 74KB 430
Annihilator MP5 Sound Annihilator 239KB 560
Fox Sounds Grey Fox 388KB 328
Sig551 Sound Annihilator 611KB 709
Jellys Sounds {UPS}JeLLyNuTz 2.46MB 809
Different Fragsound Annihilator 34KB 920
Fox Sounds Grey Fox 1.34MB 681
Naked Gun Sound Mod IRbe69 180KB 420
Wazza Pack jsc 1.87MB 1018
MP5 sound Annihilator 6KB 2052
MP5 sound Annihilator 5KB 1596
Real Sounds 5 H&K Frost 1.17MB 772
H & K Frost's Real Sounds H&K Frost 3.35MB 7036
Rumble Sound Pack Crash Davenport 221KB 417
Capture Sounds Annihilator 61KB 946
-KV Coalition SoundPack HMSS King Volcano 4.23MB 5779
Grimm's MP5 Deluxe Gr!mmRe@per 3KB 652
(MAD) Clan Sounds (MAD)ScotishNinjaMonkey{BMS} 291KB 1965
Paladin Sounds 2.0 _=[Paladin]=_Remo 2.01MB 519
ReverendTed's XS Sound Compilation Reverend Ted 1.25MB 340
+{ Paladin Sounds }+ _=[Paladin]=_Remo 2.01MB 4634
KV Coalition Soundpack HMSS King Volcano 3.93MB 1282
BattleMidget's Sound Pack BattleMidget 3.3MB 1013
Sniper Sounds {Re(@)peR} 477KB 1200
New Sniper Rifle Sound Accadacca 27KB 1235
Urban Sounds -|S*F|- UrbanChaos -|S*F|- 1.17MB 392
Urban Sounds Version 2 -|S*F|- UrbanChaos -|S*F|- 1.91MB 633
KV Coalition sound pack HMSS King Volcano 4.43MB 2501
Star Wars Sound Pack H&K Frost 3.24MB 1353
Alternate menu music -=Z3r0 c001=- 26KB 1414
Real Sound Gold H&K Frost 1.67MB 978
StreetWarz SoundMod by NoFear NFC Pickerd, NFC Korrigan 10.99MB 4352
ReverendTed's XS Sound Compilation Reverend Ted 1.48MB 497
Precinct 13 Main menu music Lord MuRa']['uS 2.74MB 91
SoF2 Menu + Prague Music modification. Lord MuRa']['uS 3.64MB 610