Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Talon
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Talon Green Talon

Replaces the Silver Talon with a Chrome Green Talon. Does exactly what it says on the tin ;)


Talon Gold Talon

This replaces the Silver Talon with a shiny Gold Talon, the Golden Gun of SoF2. This is what the author said about it. This is a swe...


Talon Gold Talon

This changes the the Talon to a Gold skin. Try it if you are bored of the plain one :)


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Talon Dark-Talon

This skin replaces the normal Silver Talon skin with a black Deasert Eagle .50, nice skin go give it a try :)


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Talon D4rk3r [email protected]

This is another one of his creations :mepimp: and it is simple, yet good if you like realism & black then this is your thing, for real !...


Talon Classic Silver Talon/Desert Eagle

This skin changes the look of the default Talon skin, nicely made , well worth giving it a test :)


Talon Blue-Talon

This skin replaces the normal Silver Talon skin with a blue-slide, black-base Deasert Eagle .50, nicely made skin give it a test ;)


Talon Desert Eagle Magnum Research

This is a nice skin for the Talon, it gives the gun a more realistic look to it and is modeled around the style of the Desert Eagle gun Nice...


Talon Talon Reskin

Here is a very nice skin for your Talon, this gives a very nice look an realistic feel to the gun. A very good one to add to your collection...


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Talon Two-Tone Desert Eagle

A 2 tone Desert Eagle skin sent in by King Kobra, this replaces your default Talon skin, nicely done go give it a test:)


Talon Matrix Talon

i saw fraggers awesome matrix guns and i got this awesome idea to make the black stuff see through so i tried it out on the silver t...


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Talon Two Tone Talon

The second version of the two toned talon an it rocks :rock: so add it to your collection to make your fraggin even more fun!


Talon Oka Shadows Talon

Hey look at this sweet talon skin there is a eagle on the handle and some parts of the barrle and chamber sleeve have been refined, its look...


Talon Ghetto Pimp´s Playboy Talon

Its the turn of the Talon to get a makeover from Ghetto Pimp, here´s a slightly chromed Silver skin, also a new firing sound, it changes the...


Talon Creeper's Antique Talon

For those of you who are familiar with my work:- A ) i hope this meets the standards i set myself with the previous antiques, and B)...


Talon Soiled Chrome Talon

Heres the talon in a cool chrome colour. Download it and give it a try :)


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Talon Gold Talon

Here we have a gold talon skin that adds a touch of class to the talon! Download now and see for yourself :p


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Talon Dx Talon

Here we have the talon which has been made a lighter color and it also has a wooden handle with a eagle on it! A very cool skin thats worth...


Talon Desert Eagle

Here is another weapon make over from Dante_Xihron, this time the Talon gets his treatment, go give it a test and see what you think :)


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Talon Stingers Desert Eagle

Here we have a blue steel version of the Desert Eagle which is finnished of with soiled chrome. The file comes with a new sound plus a new w...


Talon DeathMaster's Colt Anaconda (.44)

This file changes the look of your MP talon weapon skin, go give it a try and see what you think.


Talon Desert Eagle

I made this one from scratch, and believe it or not, i used MS paint =P I got bored with the old, standard Silver Talon, so i made an...


Talon Goldmember's Silver Talon

This skin changes the look of your MP Talon skin, this skin was made from insiration from Austin Powers " Golden member" Go give it a try...


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Talon Stingers Desert Eagle

The will for a new better talon reskin has resulted to this. The gun has a completely new look, and the spec file has been edited too...


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