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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix US Socom
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US Socom {Re(@)peR} US Socom Updated

Changes the look of the Socom this is a black socom with grey parts. Updates: included new sounds (original's from cs)


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US Socom Nitro Talon

Nice talon skin created by _==_sHoRtBuS. Here is the author's description: This is my newest Creation call the Nitro Tal...


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US Socom Lightning Socom

This is his second skin & its pretty good considering that he is just using the oldest proggie ever ==> Paint LOL he did a good job & he's...


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US Socom Metal Gear Socom

The Us SOCOM looks brighter than before, It has a grey/silver metal skin.Here is the author's description: The USSOCOM looks brigh...


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US Socom {Re(@)peR} socom

A nice skin changes the look of the us socom it is a black socom with grey parts :) Give it a try


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US Socom SN4K3's Tactical Socom

This changes the default color of the socom to black, if you are bored of the same old skins then give this a go :)


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US Socom Gold US Socom

This is the first skin from -=!MK!=-G-UNIT and he has changed the socom to a Gold one. Nice skin give it a test :)


US Socom Black Steel US Socom

This skin changes the default MP US Socom skin to, a black USSOCOM with polished wood grips and a nice sheen. This is another nicely made sk...


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US Socom Fuz2y US Socom

This changes the look and layout of the US Socom, you now get a centre screen aim :)


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US Socom Rusty Socom

This skin changes the look of the US socom, its now all rusty. Go take a look at this nice job ;)


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US Socom Leon's US SOCOM

This is a very nice reskin of the US SOCOM with some new sounds. A must have for any SOCOM fans.


US Socom Black Skull Socom

This is a cool looking socom made by N4sTy , has a strange feeling on death on it tho :)


US Socom Bounty S Socom

Here is a new skin for the US Socom. Look at the pic below to see what it looks like :).


US Socom Chrome Weed Socom

Here we have a socom that replaces the default and it looks cool so download it and give your feedback


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US Socom Dark Soccom

Here's another sweet Soccom skin by ABH Wolverine. Good job m8,keep em coming


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US Socom Titanium Socom

A sweet lookin' blue shiny socom skin by king cobra, it looks real cool so why not give it a try!


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US Socom JTF2 Socom

Here we have a US Socom skin by JTF2. It now has a much smoother feel to it, and it now has a gold egale on the side of the handgun. Give it...


US Socom Desert Eagle

Here is a wicked desert eagle skin for the ussocom worth the download so go on stick it in yer collection :p


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US Socom Silenced US Socom

This skin replaces the default socom weapon skin in MP games, give it a try well worth adding to your collection;)


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US Socom Full Auto Socom

This skin changes the look of the default MP US Socom, old bronco has made it with full auto function, just like the Micro Uzi :p Nicely...


US Socom Golden Eagle

Here we have a great golden skin for the us socom, download it now and give your feedback :rock:


US Socom Camoflauged Ussocom

Here we have a socom skin to go with the ak74 skin. Download it and give your feedback


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US Socom Soiled Chrome Socom

A cool looking chrome socom for you all to try out! Download now and gove your feedback :rock:


US Socom Camo Socom

This skin changes the look of your MP US Socom skin, Silent_Marine has given it a camo look makeover, go give it a try and see what you...