Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Weaponpacks Nightmare Weapon Pack

This is a nice weapon pack from Fragger, it changes the look of AK74, ANM14, Micro Uzi, M4 - NEW!, M203, MP5, M590 - NEW!, M60, M1911A1 - NE...


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Weaponpacks Skull Skin Pack

This skin pack changes the look of the M4,M590, and the frag grenade, each weapon has the pattern of skulls on it..hence the title ;)


Weaponpacks Creeper's Glass Skinpack

This is a very beautiful skin from creeper. Most of the weapon skins have been turned into glass. If you like glass art then you should down...


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Weaponpacks Tempered Steel Sig511 & Nickel Plated Uzi

Here is another great skin from N4sTy. This file changes the skin of the Sig551 and the Micro Uzi. The Sig551 has a tempered steel effect a...


Weaponpacks Chrome Mossberg & USAS12

This is the last of my Chrome edition skins, so i'll stop buggin' y'all with them ;) This M590 has flames, chrome & black on it. the cannon...


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Weaponpacks DC Superheroes Weaponskinpack

GLslvrfan has created a weaponskinpack based on superhero characters... The pack contains 6 skins for various weapons: - MP5 (Bat...


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Weaponpacks Heavy Artillery

These are two things i whipped up after playing on a server with nothing but snipers, MM1 & RPG7. Since so many peeps seem to like those wea...


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Weaponpacks Weaponskins 400

This is a really cool skin pack for all the most used weapons. They look awesome, as they have incredible detail. These are definately no ey...


Weaponpacks AnTs Weapon Skinpack

Some very nice weapon skins in this zip file, some not all weapon files come with its own readme and screen shot, nice work AnTs The pack...


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Weaponpacks [NBK] Skin Pack

It's a skinpack made for Clan - NBK, The pack changes the skins for the Flags, ANM14, SMOHG92, Briefcase and the Medi Pack.


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Weaponpacks SIG & SHOTTY special

These are 2 really cool skins that i made for the sig & the m590. i hope all you fraggers outh there like it ;)


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Weaponpacks Red Fusion Weapon Pack

Here is the complete version of Red Fusion weapon skins. Featuring Ak47, M4, Us Socom, Msg90a1, Mp5 and M590. All in nice bloody-red.


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Weaponpacks M4 & Knife Skins!

These two skins change the look of your M4 & Knife Skin as you can see from the screen shots they have a logo placed on them :)


Weaponpacks Chrome Siggy & MP5A5

These are two cool weapons to match my Chrome edition weapons. The MP5 is the ScorpionBloodMP5 edited by me and the new silencer. The sig is...


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Weaponpacks Chrome Uzi & M60

This is another duo-pack for the Chrome edition weapons i made. I believe my ChromeEdition weapons are my best ever, so i hope y'all like em...


Weaponpacks Atom cs Blackness Weaponpack

Weaponpack containing most common weapons; AK74, M4, M203, Uzi, M590, Sniper Rifle, m1911a1 Pistol. All nice and shiny black.


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Weaponpacks Red Fusion Pack 2

This is the second red fusion pack. It replaces the Sig, Uzi, Colt, Talon, Knife & greasegun ;)


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Weaponpacks Z3r0 Rifle Version 1&2

This is a very nice sniper rifle that is black and red, Z3rO says he felt that it fits well with his Armitage Scope, together they look coo...


Weaponpacks Black Chrome Nade Pack

This skin pack changes the look of the Frag and Incendiary Nades nice skin does what it says on the tin Black and Chrome :)


Weaponpacks Camo Skin Pack

These skins change the look of the Smohg,AK74 & bayonet,knife,M4,Mp5 and the shotgun. A very nice set, and realistic camo skins. A must f...


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Weaponpacks Camoflauge SkinPack

Here is Wildthings first ever skins. He has done a great job here for his first skins producing a nice camo look for AK-74, M-4, M3A1, MP5,...


Weaponpacks Black & Blue Pack

This is a nice skinpack for some of the neglected skins. MM1, Talon, Socom, MP5 all with a black & blue coloring ;) I prefer the MM1 & the...


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Weaponpacks U.s Camo Skin Pack

This weapon skin pack changes the look of shotgun.Uzi,M4, frag nade, just to name a few, the theme is a realistc camo effect. These files...


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Weaponpacks 51337 Weaponpack

Changes the skin of most common weapons. Also some fire/explosion sounds are changed. -I will add some screenshots as soon as i got th...