Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Weapons
Weapons Floyd's Scorch

Here is a nice remake of the scorch effect some weapons give off. Instead of the boring, dull, black scorch effect you get a skull. If you...


Weapons Tempered Steel MP5 & Shotty

This is a very nice pair of skins. These are a pair of skins for the Mp5 and Shotgun and it makes both guns look nice and realistic with a g...


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Weapons Green Shotgun Shells

Here we have a skin that changes the colour of shotgun bullets from red to green. Give it a try, you might like it :)


Weapons WTN M50 shotgun And Knife Skins

Its a custom made skin for the m590 Shotgun and the knife, these are brightly coloured


Weapons fi Paintball Bullets

Paintball bullets that a good consept no read me porvided


Weapons MyStEriO RpG-7

This is a sweet looking gold / silver skin for the rocket propelled granade launcher. Sweet, if your name is money. :p


Weapons MyStEriO ShInY GoLd SoCoM

This is a gold Socom by MyStEriO, another gold plated weapon for your collection. He should have relesed them in a pack, but no matter. :p


Weapons MyStEriO GolD Shady Mp5

Another golden skin job, this time for the MP5. Download if you want.


Weapons Red Bull M15 Skin

A red bull skin for the M15.


Weapons Sgd Weapons Skin Pack

Complete weapon skin, with clantag. Not all weapons have one... Weapons have a nice "black look"