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Here we have a tool which lets you bind 5 messages onto 1 key. It works like this... You choose the key you want the sayings bound to they think of upto 5 messages you would like then when you are ingame it will scroll through the messages everytime the key is pressed. When it hits the 5th it will restart at number one again. Download it now and check out this handy tool for yourself :)



Title: 5Messages1Key
Version: Sof ver 1.00 +
Date: 08/01/04
Created By: Flashlight
Email: [email protected]
Buggs/Errors: Exec Btn Dont work.
Website: www.rpm-mod.tk   (Awsom Mod made by "SomeDude")

- Install Setup.exe to the main directory (C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune Double   Helix). 
*Attention: You Must Install this App to the Main sof2 folder and NOT to base or mp

- Refer to "Help.txt" attached for more information.

Thank you for downloading this App from sof2files.com.
I worked on this App for 2 days and its my 3rd App that I send to sof2files.
this App is great it allows you to bind up to 5 messages in 1 key.
Please leave feedbacks. Flash.

Special Thx to:

Dragon ( [email protected] ) (on msn as well)

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