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AK 40Seven

ak40seven.zip —


Here's a new AK47 skin. It also has a new firing sound :)



Ak 40 Seven

Author: Cube4
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.members.shaw.ca/gaetan
Type: Skin/Sounds
For Use With: Soldier of Fortune 2:  Double Helix
This is a skin and sound FX for the AK74. It is the original skin, but with a slide on the side of it so you really get the AK47 feeling. I kept the original colors and everything because I believe the gun looks crappy otherwise. It looks best with no bayonet, so this has also been included. The gun sounds have all been changed to some sounds from Counter Strike (www.counter-strike.net) and it feels very loud, and powerful now. Just like an AK47 should be.
Files Included:
¥AK74 Skin
¥No Bayonet Mod
¥AK74 Gun Sounds
¥ Insert the file "Ak_40_Seven.pk3" Into the "Soldier of Fortune 2/base/mp" folder.
¥ Whenever you start up the game create an un-pure server before you play. This makes sure the skin/sounds are activated.
Construction Time: 45 Minutes
Known Bugs: Sometimes the Bayonet shows up on some servers, but this is rare.
Cube4 for the creation of this file.
Valve for the sounds taken from Counter Strike
Superfly for the no bayonet concept
Additional Notes:
For the skin to look it's best change the field of view by opening the console and typing "cg_fov 95". Some servers kick if you have the field of view set past 10 so if this happens, just temporarily change it back to 10 by typing "cg_fov 10"

Have fun!

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