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Here's a nice Menu screen for the [AKA] clan members. Well for everyone actually,just download it. The old one is getting boring anyway :D



[AKA] Custom SOFII pak By [AKA]NightGameZ

This is a group of custom graphics for the screen, console, and, yes, the main menu.

To install this simply unzip the 3 pk3 files into your /base/mp folder (won't work in just /base)

I made 3 seprate pk3 files incase u like one of the things i've made but not the others... so if u don't like them menus, just delete the menus.pk3... for the loading screen just del loading.pk3, you get the picture.

Please feel free to e-mail with questions or comments...
                                  [AKA] Custom SOFII pak

--Version : 1.0
--Release Date : 9/7/2002
--Used Programs : Photoshop
--Author : [AKA] NightGameZ
--Email Address : [email protected]
--Special Thanks to: Fragger because I disected his Terminator custom menu to see howessactly to do it
[AKA] DreamsDOA for providing the 
[AKA] Angel graphic
[AKA] Xavior for helpin me 
And the entire [AKA] clan for their support of our [DEV] team :)

 [AKA] NightGameZ                                       
 [email protected]

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