Alora CTF Map Bot Route

A New Bot Route For CTF_ALORA by BSK*Dr Death


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A New Bot Route For CTF_ALORA by BSK*Dr Death

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Bot route for mp_alora CTF only.

Filename mp_alora_ctf.wps

Written and tested under pwn[bot] mod for use on bot servers.

This is my 1st attempt (well actually 2nd because the 1st didn't work and crashed the server!!) so please do not expect it to be perfect.

I have found only 2 areas that could be better, but it doesn't cause the bots a problem.

Extract the wps file to your sof2/pwn[bot]/botroutes folder.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or comments at, or you can visit our website ( and post on the forum.

Enjoy, BSK*Dr Death.

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