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We got a new N.I.C.E Map made by BAPHOM3T . This map supports DM and 15 - 25 players is good on this map. Check this out :p :roc...


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We got a new N.I.C.E Map made by [F.U.K] BAPHOM3T . This map supports DM and 15 - 25 players is good on this map. Check this out :p :rock:

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Title :	big_room(fixed)
Description : this is a re-worked version of my 1st map big_room.Additions include more ways out of the big room , a couple catwalks, and sum ladders.enjoy!! 	
Release Date : 3-24.05
Version : final
Filename :big_room(fixed)	
Author : [F.U.K] BAPHOM3T
Email : [email protected]	


* Construction *

Buildtime : re-work of the original
Compile Time : 		20 mins 
Map Known Bugs : 	none
Gametype Known Bugs : 	none
Features : 		DM
Secrets :		0
New Textures? : 	Nope
New Sounds? : 		Nope
Custom Soundtrack? : 	Nope
Compile Machine : 	Gtk Radiant 1.4


* Play Information *

Game : 			SOF2
Type : 			DM
Requires : 		SOF2
Players : 		15-25

* Installation * 

(example: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\ Base)

* Credits *
i'd like to thank pleaseMYob for all his help and Gtk radiant,and 
my patience to be able to learn :) BROCK SAMSAON of the KILL KILL KILL server for running theses maps.Sum of the textures are pre-fabbed by other people but i forget the names but THANK U!!!!

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners.
You MAY distribute this ZIP,PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in
the original archive.

* Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use*
surgeon general says smoking is bad to your health!!!!!!!



this map was made by

   [F.U.K] BAPHOM3T 

this here is anthoer map 
I'd like to yell at pleaseMYob for all his help and support.
Brock Samson of the KILL KILL KILL server...I.P
and to all my bros of [F.U.K]...WE FUCKING KILL ALL >:p
                   all the people in all the forums i have visited 
                   and have gotten help from, ROCK ON as for me 
                    I RULE YOU ALL!!!!!!!
                    just kidding, have fun on my map :)

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