Heres another cool skin by Satans Son This one is for the ANM14 Flame grenade


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Heres another cool skin by [GF]Satans Son[NNF] This one is for the ANM14 Flame grenade

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INFORMATION:                             |  

Title:      BigBoom! anm14
Creator:    [GF]SatansSon[NNF]
Build t:    like i know....
Contact:    [email protected]
            AIM:  Magajeto
            ICQ:  163750019
            YIM:  Magajeto

Like grenade skins? Well, here is one. I replaced the words on the ANM14 (flame) grenade to saying "big boom". I think its funny, since, it does have queit a big explosion, imo, it resembles a nuke explosion!

Tell me what you think and check out my other skins!

INSTALLATION                             |  

To install, just place the pk3 file in to your mp folder and run the game! :P
         (ATTENTION: doesnt work on PURE servers.which sucks arse)

(eg.  sof2basempBigBoom_anm14.pk3)

SOF2 RELATED LINKS:                      |  

DISCLAIMER:                              |  

This skin was made for the SoF2 game and is property of the auther. You may add it to your site with this readme and proper credit. You may not alter this in any way. You may not use it in retail games. If you add it to a cd, please add this readme and give PROPER credit!

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