A new bind mod for you to try out, make sure you remove the radio mod first if you have it.

Read the readme for full instructions on how to get started..





Open the file with winZIP or winRAR then you
just put the pk3 file into;

"C:\Program Files\Soldier Of fortune2\base\mp"
"C:\Program Files\Soldier Of fortune2 Gold\base\mp"

and it will work. 

Make sure you don't got "UltimateRadio" 
in your sof directory or it wont work

When you want to use the bind-mod on OSP-servers on gold, 
then read the text below here.

When you want to use the bind-mod on gold by 
Server with the MOD OSP. Then it wont work.

You are able to edit the OSP pk3 file. I explain it 

Step 1:
Seek the OSP-pk3 File.

Step 2:
Open the pk3 file with winRAR.

Step 3:
You see 4 maps:
- Shaders
- gfx 
- ui
- vm

Step 4:

You open the "ui" map
You see now differents files:
- simpelhud.txt
- ingame.txt
- menudef.h
- osp_admin.menu
- osp_referee.menu
- osp_commands.menu
- osp_team_red.menu
- osp_team_blue.menu
- osp_settings.menu
- joinserver.menu
- simpelhud.menu
- ingame_osp.menu
- ingame.menu

Step 5:

You remove the following 3 files.
- ingame_osp.menu
- ingame.menu
- ingame.txt

Then you updated the file.
And the bind-mod works.

Note: When you remove the 2 files, you won't see
the OSP-MENU anymore when you are playing the game. 

| About | Player | Options | Vote | Callvote | Exit |

So no OSP in it anymore


Q: question
A: answer

Q: Did I copied some WE binds
A: Yes I did
Q: Did I downloaded other bind-mods
A: Yes, to see them
Q: When did you made your first bind-mod
A: Just after =|WE|= publiced their bind-mod
Q: How many bind-mods did you made
A: About 11, which where 7 for clans
Q: I see you made a kind off discription so we are
   able to use the bind-mod on OSP servers on gold.
A: Yes that's true
Q: Why?
A: First you couldn't use the bind-mod on OSP servers
   now you can use it. But to say fair I don't know if
   people on gold are gonne use it. Because I play
   sometimes gold, and i saw not many people have binds
   there. But i wait and look.
Q: You made a 8 menu I see
A: Yes I did as u see
Q: How?
A: email me

email: [email protected]

There are no know bugs.
If you find any then send me a email.

email: [email protected]

// Special Thanks to
=|World_elite|= for creating the =|WE|= Bind-mod
And those who helped them.
Also to myself who created a 8 menu, but it wasn't
so difficult :P so not that much credit.
And again to myself because off changing OSP-file,
so you can use the bind-mod on gold.

You don't need to ask any permission to change
or to do something on the bind-mod.

//Comment or Suggestion
You wanne give any comment or a suggestion? 
then just email me.

email: [email protected]

MENU <~[F.O]~>
1. Taktic
2. Greeting
3. Talking
4. Owning 
5. Dieing
6. Status
7. About FO
8. Admin

MOTD = <~[I am using the bind-mod Created by Wou[Z]eR]~>

MENU Taktic
1. Affermative
2. Negative
3. Clear
4. Cover me
5. Hold Position
6. Need Backup
7. <~[Follow]|[#F]~>
8. <~[Here is the enemy]|[#l]~>
9. <~[My Location]|[#l]~>

MENU Greeting
1. <~[Mogguh]|[Bonjour]|[Hello]~>
2. <~[Hi Funny-owner(s)]~>
3. <~[Hi m8]~>
4. <~[Whatsup People]~>
5. <~[Whatsup FO]~>
6. <~[Mazzel]|[Salut]|[Bye]~>
7. <~[Bye Funny-owner(s)]~>
8. <~[Bye m8^-]~>
9. <~[Cya later alligator! xD]~>

1. <~[Laughing]|[Out]|[Loud]~>
2. <~[Hehehehe]~>
3. <~[Yeah]~>
4. <~[Nah]~>
5. <~[Nice one]|[#f]~>
6. <~[Fix Tha Teams]~>
7. <~[Thanks man]~>
8. <~[No Problem m8]~>
9. <~[You F*cking NoOb]~>

1. <~[That was a nice F*cking ownage from me]~>
2. <~[#t]|[You got ^-P^7wned by F.O]~>
3. <~[He throws the ball and...  YES, #t Catched the ball]~>
4. <~[Burn Burn Whahahaha #t]~>
5. <~[HEADSHOT ]|[#t]~>
6. <~[He died from my shots]|[#t]~>
7. <~[Target eliminated]|[#t]~>
8. <~[Unlucky, #t for you. No more babies for you :P]~>
9. <~[You are no threat for me]|[#t]~>

1. <~[Goddamit :@ I died, but nice shot]|[#d]~>
2. <~[Nice nade, I must say]|[#d]~>
3. <~[Fuck the lag... That killed me :'( ]~>
4. <~[Nice typekill ]|[#d]~>
5. <~[Damn I got shot in my back, by a F*cking backshooter]~>
6. <~[For fuck sake that hurt man... But now I will going to hurt you >8-D]~>
7. <~[You got me that time, now it's Payback]~>
8. <~[Damn just got NoObEd by ]|[#d]~>
9. <~[Now that's it. I'm MAD!!! And you are going to be DEAD]~>

1. <~[Health: #H]|[#A :Armor]~>
2. <~[Health: #H]|[#A :Armor]~>
3. <~[Nice try, but not good enough]|[#d]~>
4. <~[Damn... Nearly you got me]|[#d]~>
5. <~[Equipment: SNIPER, SHOTGUN, SMOHG95]~>
6. <~[Equipment: AK47, SHOTGUN, SMOHG95]~>
7. <~[Health: 100]|[100 :Armor]~>
8. <~[Health: 13]|[36 :Armor]~>

1. <~[Visit our Website @ www.funny-owners.de.vu]~>
2. <~[Wanne have a scrim, war against us ask Bafou *[email protected]*]~>
3. <~[Download this bind-mod or otherthings at www.funnyowners.de.vu]~>
4. <~[No 3RD ]|[No Cheats]|[No camping]~>
5. <~[For news about SOF go to www.sof2files.com]~>
6. <~[OMFG, I shot your legs off #T I get you a wheelchair :P]~>
8. <~[Better be scared because a FUNNY-OWNER is in the house]~>
9. <~[Think twice before you want to own a F.O-member]~>

1. <~[Rules:No Third/Cheats/Camping]~>
2. <~[Third = Kick]~>
3. <~[Cheats = Ban]~>
4. <~[Specs Join Please]~>
5. <~[Our Website: www.funnyowners.de.vu]~>
6. <~[Visit Our Forum: http://wouser.proboards42.com/index.cgi]~>

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