A binds script from WoueR this file is made for v.100 with the MOD RPM. Check it out ;)


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A binds script from Wou[Z]eR this file is made for v.100 with the MOD RPM. Check it out ;)

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Put the Binds.cfg into;

"C:\Program Files\Soldier Of fortune 2\base\mp"

After that you put the cfg file into mp
Then you open console ( ~ ) and type;

"exec binds.cfg"

NOTE: this file is made for v.100 with the MOD RPM

There are no know bugs.
If you find any then send me a email.

email: [email protected]

// Special Thanks to
And to myself

// Binds how works?

It is very simple you just have multiply binds on one key,
it works like this. example below.

You press for 1 time v it says: 
nice shot #D

You press for 2 time v it says:
#D you owned me

You press for 3 time v it says:
ouch that hurt #D

You press for 4 time v it says:
Put me back together again #D

You press for 5 time v it says:
You are rocking #D

And after that bind you start at the begin again.

// Example
bind v "vstr nice1list"
seta nice1list "vstr nice1list1"
seta nice1list1 "say nice shot #D; 			set nice1list vstr nice1list2"
seta nice1list2 "say #D you owned me; 			set nice1list vstr nice1list3"
seta nice1list3 "say ouch that hurt #D; 		set nice1list vstr nice1list4"
seta nice1list4 "say Put me back together again #D!; 	set nice1list vstr nice1list5"
seta nice1list5 "say You are rocking #D!; 		set nice1list vstr nice1list1"

// Binds on what key?

Key --- Command

"y" --- lol
"u" --- health
"i" --- quote
"o" --- hello
"p" --- bye
"[" --- mogguh
"]" --- goodjob
"h" --- headshot
"j" --- owning
"k" --- WOOOO
"l" --- Website
"n" --- Wtf
"=" --- Motd
// Name binded

I also binded my own name;

bind F2 "vstr name1list"
seta name1list "vstr name1list1"
seta name1list1 &quot;name ^-<~[^7F.O^-]~>^+Wou^-[^7Z^-]^+eR; set name1list vstr name1list2&quot;
seta name1list2 &quot;name ^+Wou^-[^7Z^-]^+eR^-_^7[^-AFK^7];  set name1list vstr name1list1&quot;
So when I am AFK (=away from keyboard)
I press F2 and my name change into Wou[Z]eR_[AFK]

When I press F2 again my namw will be back to normal <~[F.O]~>Wou[Z]eR

// Teamchat Only

When I play scrims or clanwars I press enter, and from then on I
Only hear teamchat so no regular chat anymore. It is good, because
you will concentrate then more on the game then on the chat.
Also it is good when someone is spamming.

bind enter &quot;vstr sayteam1list&quot;
seta sayteam1list &quot;vstr sayteam1list1&quot;
seta sayteam1list1 &quot;cg_teamchatsonly 1; 		 set sayteam1list vstr sayteam1list2&quot;
seta sayteam1list2 &quot;cg_teamchatsonly 0; 		 set sayteam1list vstr sayteam1list1&quot;

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