Bindz With Symbolz

Want to make binds the easy way and with fancy symbols? then give this a test;)


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Want to make binds the easy way and with fancy symbols? then give this a test;)

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====================Bindz With Symbolz====================

-These Instructions Will Hopefully Get Symbols Into Your Binds.......

Whats In This Folder:...

- Funky's Name Maker ( Source Of Symbols )...
- 5 Configuation File (.cfg's) In Which Each Bind Will Be.. You Can Make More...
- My Example Bind --> ( Example.cfg ) To Start You Off...
- And What Your Reading Now, The Read Me.....

Do These Now:....

- Make A SHORTCUT To NotePad.exe, Put It On Your Desktop...
- Now To The Sof2 Folder........Open It......
	- Open Base Folder
	- Open MP (Multi Player) Folder
- In Your MP Folder There Is A File Called " Sof2mp.cfg "
	- Drag It Over The NotePad.exe 
	- Or Open It Your Way....

- That File Is Every Thing About You In Soldier Of Fortune
( Settings, Binds, Name, Etc.....)

- I Have No Clue What Key's You Want To Bind, So I Hope You Know This

- A Bind Should Look Like This In The "Sof2mp.cfg" File...
(bind H "say Hahahaha U Suck U NooB")    Right?  No ( )'s

- All Of These New BINDS Have To Be Put In Your MP Folder

- Now What You Have To Do In Order For Sof2 To Read These BIND.cfg's, They Have To Be EXECuted, Not Electricuted.....LOL....
- InOrder To EXECute The Binds You MUST Write It Like This In The Sof2mp.cfg
(Bind H "exec Bind1") No ( )'s
- Thats It There.... Save And Close Sof2mp.cfg

 How To Make A Bind... ( For Example "Bind1.cfg )

- Open Bind1.cfg In NOTEPAD...... NOW LOOK AT "NPad.jpg"  (Picture) It Should
Look Something Like That.....
Make Your Bind How Ever You Like, Some Symbols May Not Work, So BeCareful

Your Done.. :)  Dont Forget To Save Everything :)

Note / Tips......
- All New BIND.cfg Binds Have To Be Put In The MP Folder 
- 10% Of The Symbols In The Name Maker Will NOT Work In Binds...

****** Important For You To Know If You Dont Already ******

- If You Are Like Most People You Play In Different Kinds Of Server's, Such As MDX,
RPM, ADM...... In Order For The Binds To Work In Those Types Of Servers You Must Put The ( bind H "exec bind1" In The Sof2mp.cfg In Those Folders... MDX, RPM, and ADM Folders Are In Your Main Sof2 Folder

 To Finish..... Last Notes
-All Your Newly Made Bind's Go In The MP Folder,
-Make Sure You EXEC Them In The Sof2mp.cfg Files...

Chuck B.   A.k.a..... The Teacher
If You Need Help, Msn Me

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