Black and Shiny



A shiny skin for the knife. This is the developers first go at skinning and it looks pretty good to be honest. He has asked for some feedback so please download and tell him what you think.



Black&Shiny knife:
	this my first attempt to submit a file but all you have to do is copy the pk3 file and put in soldier of fortune 2 double helix/base/MP.  Then just start a multiplayer game. NOTE: may not work with pure server activated I have only tried this offline.  You can ask questions by leaving your comments but since i'm pretty new at this I probably won't be able to help if it doesn't work for some strange reason. It should work though just put in the folder I mentioned above. just don't put into your own mod without my permission or I will go seriously red in the face if I find out about any unauthorized usage so good luck and enjoy!

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