Blank Flags

blank_flags.zip —


I did these myself a while ago but they didn't get past what they are now. Simple blank flags for anyone to edit by clan tagging them etc.




File name: Blank_flags

Author: AcE

Website: http://www.pbbans.com


Supported Gametypes: n/a

Max / Min players: n/a

Custom Textures: n/a

Custom Models: n/a

Custom Sounds: n/a

Custom Music: n/a

Secrets: n/a

Construction Time: About 30mins

Editors Used: Photoshop CS

Compile Time: n/a

Bugs: n/a

File Description:

Blank flags if anyone wants to use them. 
I edited them in PS for someone but they didn't get 
back to me with what they wanted on them. They
were posted on the ff forums but i thought it
would be better to upload them here.


All of my fans :)


You may NOT distribute this pk3 for profit.
You may NOT make any changes to this file without 
strict permission from the author.

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