Bling Binds



No longer looking up all sounds during the game! With these scripts u can easily and quickly lookup a sound and execute it with a press of the button!

Ideal for those who are lazy and those who forget something quik :P Hope this file helps you out.



	// -*-*-*- Sounds 1-100 in 6 keys !! <~|~> Created by =TFB=Bling{[NL]} <~|~> -*-*-*- //
	//|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|  www.thefunbrigade.nl  |~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~| //


* How does it work *

No longer looking up all sounds during the game! With these scripts u can easily and quickly lookup
a sound and execute it with a press of the button!

Default keys are described below (very handy located on your keyboard in groups of 3):

	Insert		= next script
	Home		= previous script
	Page Up  	= execute selected script
	Delete		= next sound
	End		= previous sound
	Page Down	= execute selected sound

For example: if u press Insert you will see, in the top left corner of ur screen, a scriptname (e.g. LoL script).
Press Insert again and the next scriptname will appear. Continue pressing Insert or Home
(to go back if u went too fast ;-) until u found the desired script (there are 10 scripts in total) and then press
Page Up to execute it. Then u can continue selecting all sounds, just cycle through them with the Delete- and End buttons
and press Page Down to execute the sound, it's as easy as that! After a couple of times working with these
scripts you will know exactly where to look up the sounds, trust me.

Please note that in order to keep the cycletime of each script as short as possible, i had to
divide the number of sounds almost equally over the 10 scripts. For this reason, not every sound
is in the script where it perhaps should have been, but as i said before just keep using them and very soon
you will know which sound is located in what script ;)
I have distributed sounds 1-100 into the 10 following scripts:

	** Shout script **
	** Threat script **
	** Orders script **
	** Commands script **
	** Help! script **
	** Huh script **
	** Hurt script **
	** LoL script **
	** Surprised script **
	** Confirm script **

For a complete list of all available sounds, check www.thefunbrigade.nl


* Installation *

Extract all files into your Sof2/base folder except the autoexec.cfg (make sure to check the USE FOLDER NAMES box
or it will not work).
lf u startup your game with a mod eg RPM, ADM etc then also extract the files into this folder with 'use folder names'

Extract the autoexec.cfg into ur Sof2/base/mp folder and in all mod folders like
mentioned above.
Note: If there already is an autoexec.cfg in one or more of these maps, then do not
overwrite these, but just open the autoexec.cfg (with notepad) that came with this
file and copy/paste the line into all existing autoexec.cfg's.


* Credits*

Special thanks go out to all modders, scripters and other freaks who are kind enough to share their
custom made files or their knowledge with the rest of the world :P
Also thanx to sof2files.com for making it possible for everyone to be able to turn gaming into something
more then just gaming!
I have found Eddie Stone's site very useful in creating my scripts and binds so cheers m8!
Check out his site at http://www.eddiestone-sof2.com if u haven't already....


If you have any questions, please let me know by mail [email protected] or visit my website
at www.thefunbrigade.nl

Have fun and game on ;-)

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