Blue Bells



Here is another great DM map from -=BluE=-*Chubbz*.

This map is DM and TDM game types only, and has the sniper game game play right at the center of it. There are plenty of good sniper points all over this map and some good height to it as well. The map is based above water, so falling off the high buildings is not too much of a problem :)

Go give it a try and the author some feed back.



Map Details

Map Name: Blue_Bells

Game: Soldier of Fortune 2

Author: -=BluE=-*Chubbz*

Clan: BluE-ZoNe 24/7 Snipers

IP :

Clan Website: www.blue-zone.co.uk


Game types

supported: DM & TDM


Map Description

This is my second map, and I was inspired by the map Hells Bells, hence the title.

It is a fairly large map with a central tower linked by suspended corridors. There is a large amount of water spanning out from the central tower, then there are a varied selection of buildings surrounding the water on all four sides.

There are a few secrets for you to discover.



To install this map, extract it into your soldier of fortune 2 base folder (C:/Program Files/Soldier of fortune-double helix/base)


Author Contact

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.ghbdesigns.co.uk


Thanks for downloading and trying my map.


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