Bobs Battle



This is a small sized map supporting Dm / TDm / Ctf and Infi game types, it will host 4 to 12 players.

The map is square shaped with towers on each side, and several buildings dotted about for cover, there is also an underground tunnel system. I did find some textures missing from the towers when testing, and the pk3 does not contain any custom textures?

A good sized map for some frantic frag fests, so download it and give it a try.




File name:bobs_battle.zip

Pk3 name:bobs_battle

File realease date:8 juin 2007

File version:V1

Author:-E*E- nomercy

Email:[email protected]



Supported Gametypes:Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch / Capture the flag / Infiltration

Min / Max players: 4 -> 12

Weapon pickups : No

Custom Textures: No

Custom Models: No

Custom Sounds: Yes 

Custom Music: No


Construction Time: 3 day's

Editors Used: GTK Radiant 1.4.0
Compile Time: 3 min

Bugs: Not that I know

File Description:

Second map that I create , This is a small map made for a friend , based on his layout he drawed.Map layout is a small
warcamp idea , small but with a large tunnel complex underground.

*play info*
Game : Soldier of Fortune 2

Type : Multiplayer Map

Supported Modes : dm,tdm,elim,ctf.

Requires : SoF2 Full vII - Double Helix or higher

* radiant to release the programm for the community.

* Mods-online forum + tutorials.     web =>   http://www.modsonline.com

* Sof2 mapping online ( Ace ) forum .    web =>   http://z8.invisionfree.com/Sof2_Mapping_Online

* B@tman from |*TdS*| .       web. =>      http://www.thedutchsnipers.nl

* Soffiles for prefabs , tutorials , and to put this file on downloads  web.   => http://soldieroffortune2.filefront.com/

* And my good old friend from the beginning of soldier of fortune double helix => GOODY with the help with minor probs.


You may NOT distribute this pk3 for profit.
You may NOT make any changes to this file without strict permission from the author.

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