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botmod.zip —


Here we have a nice bot mod for all you Bot lovers out there, sent in by -*BuFu* DigitaL, go give it a try and see what you think, and remember to read the readme..most important for correct set up ;)



SIMPLE OPEN bot mod setup and follow the instructions
also, to edit the bots after u did the set up simple run botrunner

take the botmod folder and put it in ur main soldier of fortune 2 folder, and then go into botmod folder, and open BoTMoDSetup.exe, also dont forget to read the readme file in that folder
							-*BuFu* DigitaL

AND BY THE WAY, DO NOT USE SOF2 RUNNER, and right click on the sof2 shortcut on ur desktop, and click properties, where it says Target: "C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\SoF2MP.exe" and add  +set fs_game botmod to the end of it, and sue that shortcut to run sof2 and start a server, if u know any other ways of doin it, feel free to use them if they work, blah blah lol cya

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