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Another one in the upcoming series. Doesn't look too bad.


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Another one in the upcoming series. Doesn't look too bad.

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-------------------------------- =CarCrew= ----------------------------------
Created by =CC=****Modified
Server IP :

We run dozens of custom maps in our regular cycle.
We are always recruiting. Mature only! Age and skill is not a factor, maturity
We are trying to put the fun back into SoF2. Too many posers out there losing
Their respective ladders.  Well, f*** ladders, we're in it for the fun and

I've made many skins for a few clans that I was in, now it's time to submit my 
own from my own crew.  I hope you enjoy them.  Each skin can take me anywhere 
from 1 - 3 hours to build using Photoshop 7.0, Notepad and Pakscape. 

1.  Unzip into your base/MP folder and you are set.

These are also found on the site @ http:/

Thanks go out to the following people/groups:

Wife - for being patient while my damn ass plays SoF2 all the time
Crew - for being awesome peeps, especially admins for helping me with up keep!
Guests - thanks for stopping in the server from time to time and filling it up
Sof2fiels - for the publicity and hosting

That's it - Short and Sweet

Hope to see you around


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