movie added to the "About" menu background.-"Help" menu added to the options-Set / change your crosshair functions, such as the colours, gro...


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movie added to the "About" menu background.-"Help" menu added to the options-Set / change your crosshair functions, such as the colours, growth, etc.-Network Settings added/changed: Rate, Snaps, smooth Clients, Antilag, Max Packets, Packetdup-Demo Menu added: Start/Stop Demo buttons, Demo listAdjustable HUD :Fully adjustable HUD. There are in total 3 different HUDs to choose from. The HUD can be color adjusted.Knife Climb :Players can throw knifes at walls or any other solid objects to jump on them.Crouch jump works best. Knifes last for 8 seconds in their position.Team Heal :Players can heal nearby teammates by pressing and holding use key (default ENTER).Third Person :Players can bind a key to toggle between first person, third person without laser dot & third person with laser dot.To bind the key go to 'Menu -> Options -> Controls -> Look -> 3rd Person Toggle'3rd Person status of each player will be drawn on scoreboard. (Yellow 3 / Red 3)Low Ammo Warning :Low Ammo warning will be drawn on screen along with a warning sound.Players can enable or disable the sound in 'Menu -> Options -> Sound -> Reload Sound: Yes/No'Nade Timer :A grenade countdown timer will be drawn in the left top corner, underneath the Low Ammo Warning.This counter only appears when a grenade is selected and starts counting down when the pin is unplugged. Currently we have a 3 seconds rule, which are 3000 milliseconds.Remember to throw the grenade away above the > 50 milliseconds otherwise it is too late.Players can enable or disable the timer in 'Menu -> Options -> HUD -> Draw Nade Timer: Yes/No'Scoreboard :New Scoreboard has been added drawing Player information like: 3rd Person status, Country flag, Accuracy, HeadshotsTo enable the scoreboard go to 'Menu -> Options -> HUD -> Enh. Scoreboard: On'HUD :Adjustable HUD available, to enable it set 'Menu -> Options -> HUD -> Enhanced HUD: 2'You can change the colours to your likings in 'Menu -> Options -> HUD -> Enhanced HUD2 Settings'Chat settings :An alternative chat font has been added. You can still use the default font though.In 'Menu -> Options -> Chat' you will find all settings related to the font, it's size & Chat icons (smilies).Loading Screen / Console :New loading and map cycle screens have been added. Same for console.Spectator List :Spectator lists at Scoreboard bottom and in game have been changed.Both now show the ID of the spectating players. The position and appearance of personal spec list has been improved.Game types :Available Game types with CGSmod are:ASS, CTB, CTF, CCTF, DM, DEM, DOM, ELIM, GOLD, INF, LMS, RCTF, STQ, TDM, TCTB, TSTQ...and much more!

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