Chicane at Demolition 2004

A movie from Chicane :) This one is a few years old now but it is new here. Taken from Dem in 2004 this is a fast paced frag fest. It is 2...


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A movie from Chicane :) This one is a few years old now but it is new here. Taken from Dem in 2004 this is a fast paced frag fest. It is 200+ mb but worth downloading. I have watched 3 times already and enjoyed it every time. As always with Chicanes movies it is well presented and well made.


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General info

Creator        		Chicane
Game           		Soldier of Fortune 2 MP
Gametype       		Demolition
Version        		1.03
Date released  		16 May 2004
Size           		219 MB

Music in order of appearance:         
			Jam & Spoon - I pull my gun once
        		Cherry Tax - The Fight
        		Brooklyn Bounce - Born to Bounce
        		System F - Exhale
        		Kosheen - Catch (Ferry Corsten remix)
        		DJ Visage - Geil (Orgasm accappella mix)
        		Storm - time to burn
        		Moby - Feeling so real
        		Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise
        		Tiesto - Paradise 
        		Moby -   Thousand

Codec          		X264
Playtime       		13 minutes and 0 seconds
FPS            		30
Dimensions     		640x480
Main programs used 	Adobe Premiere 6.5 
               		VideoMach 2.7.2
               		Sonic Sound Forge 6.0
Other programs	    	ACDsee v3.1
			GTA Vice City (for that car)
			Traktor DJ (for the scratch sound after the car)

One day, (Black)-Widow asked me for a few demo's of me with nice frags in it, for his upcoming movie. At that moment I had nothing so i started recording while playing. I collected quite a lot of nice frags, and I realized Black-widow would use only a couple of them. At that moment I started concidering making my own movie. Eventually i decided to do it, and invested some money in a new harddisk and 1 GB memory.
I also collected some CTF moments. I decided to put that in some sort of test-movie, to get some feedback, and to learn from mistakes i would probably make.
Back to this movie: I wanted it to show nice frags at demolition,add some nice dance-music, and make that music match with the movie. I decided to cut in the music and only grab the highlights of it, so I could add more different tracks into the movie. This time I added a real intro to the movie, with content that might especially be good for the ctf-addicts among us, who have hardly played demolition before.
About the "n00b"-players that would have been my only frags in my CTF movie...In this movie almost all (fragged) players are clanned and/or play Demolition daily! And yes, it took much more time to collect all the scenes for this movie :p
I decided to keep the standard sof2 hud, because that shows the tactics and resistance of other players better. Adding some weird type of gore mod would make stuff ugly and unrealistic and would grab the attention for the strategy away, so i decided to keep the default sof2-gore (which i think is most realistic anyway).
I have mentioned it in the movie and i mention it here as well: all frags (except the first talon headshot) are performed on Dem meaning NORMAL damage! 
I also hope to inspire other players to make nice movies. One advice besides reading black-widow's tutorial: if you don't have any experience in making movies yet (like I didn't have), buy a book about Premiere to get the best results and ideas, and watch some tutorial-movies about the program on to see how to handle the program!

2008 edit: 125 seconds in the beginning is now cut off.


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