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Here's a nice map for you guys. It's pretty big if you're talking about the size: 18 megabytes. The map is pretty nice but that too detailed. It should be fun to play on this map, mainly made for sniper games. The distances allow you to use different weapons too though. Check out the screenshots and go try the map out. Be sure to leave some feedback for the author though. :thumbsup:

Supported Gametypes: DM, TDM



This is a soldier of fortune 2 map.

It is the first map I have made. It is a deathmatch and team deathmatch map. I made it for Blue Zone snipers clan, who I am a sysop for.

It is aimed mainly for sniping, but it is equaly capable of hosting frantic deathmatch games.

There are several good sniping spots, a vast underground network popping up in various places all over the map.

There are no secrets or teleports, its a straight forward map.

To install this map, extract it into your base folder of your soldier of fortune 2 game.

you can download this map any many others from:


Hope you enjoy it.
Blue Chubbz

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