Cicero's Chrome ANM14

This is a nice new skin for your fire nade, go take a look :)


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File Description

This is a nice new skin for your fire nade, go take a look :)

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------------------File Description--------------------------------------
Title: Cicero's Chrome ANM14 Smoke grenade
Description: Its a new, cool skin for ANM14 Smoke grenade
Release Date: 2005.II.14
Version: 1.0 (Full version)
Author: Cicero
Email: [email protected]
Buildtime: 20-30 minutes
Editor: Corel Draw
Bug's: i dont know bugs... pls tell me when u got one!
Secret: -=Nothing=- :D
Sound: No new sounds
===============================Play information=========================
Its dont work in Pure Server!
All gametype
Requires: I think... minimum 32MB video card...
Its easy... copy the cicero_chrome_ANM14.pk3 file to your base/mp folder. (Example: C:/Program Files/Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix/base/mp/cicero_chrome_ANM14.pk3 :D

 Have fun!

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