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Cisco256 has made a nice new type RMG terrain called Combatzone... there are plenty of possiblities (new sizes, 2 different surfaces) and co...


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Cisco256 has made a nice new type RMG terrain called Combatzone... there are plenty of possiblities (new sizes, 2 different surfaces) and combinations possible with this "addon". Please read the readme.txt carefully as it supplies a lot of important info!

Have fun with it :rock:

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||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| CombatZone© RMG Addon |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Version 1.0|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||For Soldier of Fortune 2|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Double Helix ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Author:				cisco256
No. of new .bsps:		27
Uncompressed bsp size:		~13mb
New/changed textures:		~1mb
(maximize window size, for your reading comfort)


	Extract the .pk3 files to your sof2\base folder.



	new sizes:

			smallcz	***	(asymmetric, optimized for DM and TDM)
			smallcz2	**	(like smallcz, less buildings/obstacles)

			smallczw	**	(asymmetric, lakes, optimized for DM and TDM)
			smallczw2	**	(like smallczw, more buildings/obstacles)
			smallczw3	*	(like smallczw2,  even more buildings/obstacles)

			mediumcz	***	(symmetric, optimized for DM and TDM)
			mediumcz2	**	(like mediumcz, less buildings/obstacles)

			mediumczw	**	(symmetric, lakes, optimized for DM and TDM)
			mediumczw2	**	(like mediumczw, more buildings/obstacles)
			mediumczw3	*	(like mediumczw2, even more buildings/obstacles)

	new maptypes:

			combatzone	***	(jungle setting, best results with DM/TDM smallcz)
			combatzoned	*	(desert setting, added due to request)

	optimization legend:

			***	recommended
			**	tested, may generate not optimal maps at times
			*	experimental, might have "floating" buildings or balance

	note:			optimizations are for DM and TDM. all other gametypes 
				use the original setups made by raven. they have only 
				been added for completeness sake, so that all commands 
				are functional. (eg "smallcz" with CTF is same as "small" 
				CTF, but "smallcz" with DM is a new setup.)



	x_CombatZone_RMG_addon_1.0.pk3		the main addon file 

	x_CombatZone_shader_mod_1.0.pk3		a shader modification of the fog for 
								all maptypes (less aggressively white 
								fog). optional for servers (see notes)

	x_CombatZone_weap_mod_1.0.pk3			a weapon modification. optional for 
								servers (see notes)


Supported SOF2 Versions:

			-main addon file	all versions
			-shader mod file	all versions
			-weap mod file	1.03 (Gold)



	random size and/or random maptype settings never call for the new sizes/maptypes.
	(mapcycles are recommended for automatic use of the addon)
	(ie.rmgmap 1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? 0 never calls for any of the new mapsizes or maptypes)
	the sizes with lakes are not recommended for night setting (brightness of water cant
	be adjusted to surrounding light due to generator limitations). on the other hand
	some players told me they like this bug because it looks spooky. so try for
	yourself :)
	headless rushing in DM/TDM is more likely to end as such in combatzone ;)
	the weapon modification does not alter strength and accuracy of AK47, MP5 and M203. 
	improved weapons are Sig551 (3 zoomlevels, stronger, more recoil), M4 (stronger), UZI 
	(higher rate of	fire), M60 (stronger). the MM1 and M4 nades are timed now. all weapons 
	have more spare ammo (player also carries more grenades). this modification is meant 
	for use on RMG maps.
	the shader addon improves the view range of all daytimes, except the ones that have
	the maximum of 5000 ingame units by default already (so no increase in cpu max load and
	bandwidth usage). furthermore, the fog has been improved for all morning/day settings.
	it is now a bit less intensely white and thus more comfortable for the eyes.
	this addon is purposely designed for use in the base folder instead of an own mod
	folder. like this, people can join the servers that are running it , without having the 
	addon, while the normal maptypes are running. this has the advantage that you can
	point the players to a download site by either the server welcome message or
	by server broadcasts.
	the new mapsizes smallcz/w and mediumcz/w can sometimes have cut-off nodes in DM/TDM. 
	this also happened in RMG INF matches in the original game. raven solved this problem 
	by changing RMG INF maps to symmetric, so there doesnt seem to be a solution to that. 
	i stayed with asymmetric setup because it adds to DM/TDM. spawnpoints should be cut off 
	only very rarely. 

	additionaly, the water maps can have buildings/obstacles in rather bad places more 
	frequently. this is due to the fact that the "lakes" push the buildings/obstacles 
	from their original places. this can be solved by reducing the overall amount of 
	buildings/obstacles, but the impact on the layout of the maps is rather significantly 
	negative, so i decided to live with it. (RMG players have seen this happen many times 
	already anyway, even without water)
	the main file contains mp_small.bsp and mp_medium.bsp. those files are the main  
	templates for the RMG maps. the new templates increase the max hight players can get
 	to within the rmg maps (needed for some of the new buildings!). only a clipping brush 
	changed, otherwise those files perfectly resemble the original 2 files. thus not even 
	on unpure servers the main file should cause any trouble.

	however, if you are running a server, note that this addon is incompatible with other 
	mods that contain those 2 files at higher priority (eg in \base\mp or \osp folder). make 
	sure that the server has no other pk3s that contain those 2 files, except the originals. 
	(eg. rivers.pk3 in the \osp folder contains those files at higher priority and needs to 
	be removed from the server to run CombatZone. if you used that file, use smallczw or
	smallczw2 for maps with water now instead)
	if your are somewhere high up and got there by using an elevator, just jump once to call 
	the elevator back up, wait until it goes down again and jump onto it, to get back down 
	without breaking your neck.
	use of this addon is purely at own risk. the author is not liable for any damage and/or 
	data loss arising out of the use of any of the files included. this includes but is not 
	limited to nuclear meltdown of your pc, constipation, loss of eyesight, nervous  
	twitching and the desire for senseless violence.
	this addon can be distributed freely as long as the rights of Raven and other concerned
	companies are not infringed, and this README is included.
	look for "HogEye's RMGCombatzone" server. if its up and running it will provide you with 
	smooth gameplay, nice people and a relaxed atmosphere (filter servers for hogeye).
	Thanks to the following people (in order of appearance):

		GODh 		for keeping me company in the Raven forum and checking CombatZone 
				for weak points multiple times. (check his GoldRush mod, great work, 
				very professional mod, probably the best out there)

		[Garbage] Slug 	for running the beta on his server and distributing the beta, as 
				well as posting screenshots and providing a CombatZone site/forum.
				Check his great website,, THE meeting place 
				for RMG players from all over the world.
		ydnar		for helping me out with some questions and of course for programming 
				q3map2, a great little tool.

	and last but not least, thanks to the developers of Soldier of Fortune 2, who made the by 
	far best tac shooter out there, which unlike the other tac shooters, boasts a combination 
	of tactical requirements and the need for virtuos player control.


Important links:



© 2003 All Rights Reserved

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